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Comments about the soundtrack for Batman & Robin (Elliot Goldenthal)
Here is My Review for Batman & Robin

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Vincent Leone
Here is My Review for Batman & Robin   Saturday, June 26, 2004 (8:50 a.m.) 

Music composed by Elliot Goldenthal
Music conducted by Jonathan Sheffer
Orchestrated by Elliot Goldenthal and Robert Elhai
Label: ?????
Availability: Bootleg
Released: ?????
Batman and Robin (Elliot Goldenthal)
A completist's dream come true, this double disc CD-R presentation of Goldenthal's huge score for Batman and Robin is sure
to be a much sought after collectable.With the recent upcropping of “boutique” recordings complete with every last cue,
even those which don't belong (more on that later),
collectors now have the option to sample every last moment of often lengthy film scores.
Sadly, this score was not issued as a commercial recording at the time of the film's release, due to poor box office,
and panning from just about everyone on earth.True the film is an absolute nightmare,
insulting to even the lowest common denominator, yet Goldenthal's contribution still impresses.There are tons of wonderful cues
here,and much of the music from Batman Forever is reprised with updated tempo's and orchestrations.
More than likely due to a lack of time, the music from the prior film does fit in rather well amongst the new cues.
New themes are in abundance, most of which were unheard in the film or obscured by noisy sound efx.
The most interesting new theme is the choral music for Mr. Freeze.Here Goldenthal is mocking the Wagnerian operatic tradition,
yet with better results than most composers have achieved, and without resorting to copying the old choral warhorse,
Carmina Burana.The other half of the new music for Freeze is a re-orchestration of the “freezing” music from Demolition Man.
It is nice to hear this theme expanded here, and in this context it works well enough.Oddly enough the “Obligatory Car Chase”
music is heard here also (Cool Party Crasher) from Demo Man, alerting the listener to what the temp track was!
Also here is a new theme for rumbling strings and low brass underscoring the zombie-like Bain.
Decorated with smashing metallic percussion and oohing chorales,this music comprises the most avant-garde / violent portion
of the score.More memorable is the alto sax theme for Poison Ivy,which amusingly interpolates the James Bond theme
in the bassline leading one to speculate what Goldenthal would do with a James Bond score.
Her music recalls the slinkiness of the Catwoman theme in Batman Returns,yet ethnic percussion soon intrude amidst wailing
horns.In some cues (Ivy & Bruce) the ethnic music overcomes all other facets of this character' music.
Ivy's music plays much better on disc, when divorced from Uma Thurman's pitiful overacting,
and recalls the seedy moments of the composer's music for “Golden Gate”.
We also have a nice tender string theme for Barbara / Batgirl,which is typically soft and recalls the adagios used in the previous
Batman film and there are some moments of respite here (Memories of Childhood, Barbara Arrives, Albert's Illness),
but the focus is on action.The score is constantly “on the move” and one wonders how long it took to write and orchestrate
all this music. The score is often “big”, yet Goldenthal's craftsmanship is always apparent.
Unfortunately this “promo” also includes some of the songs used in the film, which are dropped in rather sloppily to the score.
The cue Bike Race begins with a rap song heard in the film, before segueing into techno-material supposedly by Goldenthal.
Also here is the source music written by the composer.
It tends to be more techno-based than the fun source cues of the prior sequel.
The cue “Costume Ball” even features a samba and Indian version of the new Batman Fanfare before segueing into the song
“Poison Ivy” complete with baritone guitar.
It now seems that Goldenthal has sampled his theme in just about every genre imaginable!
The score makes a nice companion to the shorter commercial release of Batman Forever.
Some may be put off by the magnitude of this score,
but it's certainly worth some notice and an interesting commentary on the state of how contemporary epic film scores are
created.The only bad news is that the sound is a bit uneven,
and one could only wonder how this would have sounded mixed properly.Yet this is one score which surely will not see
any other release,at least for many years to come.
Best Cue: Storming the Observatory / Final Battle / A Helping Hand, brings down the house in grand dramatic fashion!
A terrific finale to an epic score.
Music: ****
Recording: **1/2
Presentation: ***
Overall: ****
Review written by Sean Adams
Track Listing / Total Time: (125:20)
Total Time: (Disc 1 - 60:33)
Total Time: (Disc 2 - 64:47)
(Disc 1)
1. Main Titles (2:20)
2. Museum Mayhem (5:38)
3. Blast Off / Surfs Up (5:55)
4. Frozen Stiff (2:32)
5. Bane is Born (4:31)
6. Memories of Childhood (:48)
7. Poison Ivy / Mr. Freeze's Plans (4:59)
8. Barbara Arrives (3:57)
9. Observatory Unveiling (1:57)
10. Ivy & Bruce (3:12)
11. Costume Ball (4:48)
12. Cool Party Crasher (4:15)
13. A Chilling Chase (2:35)
14. Matters of Trust (2:21)
15. Freeze on Ice / Renovations (7:10)
16. Main Titles Alternate (3:35)

(Disc Two)
1. Bike Race (4:33)
2. Secrets Revealed (1:44)
3. Prison Break / Freeze's Lair / Beauty and the Beast (14:22)
4. Ivy & Freeze Join Forces (:55)
5. Albert's Illness (:33)
6. Partners Part / Seeing the Light (5:17)
7. Barbara's New Identity / Will You Trust Me? / Observatory (7:11)
8. Invading Ivy's Garden (4:41)
9. Icing Gotham (3:04)
10. Storming the Observatory / Final Battle / A Helping Hand (13:11)
11. Partners Three (2:04)
12. End Credits (4:54)
13. Main Title Reprise (2:18)

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Vincent Leone
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  In Response to:
Re: Here is My Review for Batman & Robin   Wednesday, August 30, 2006 (7:02 p.m.) 

i'd like to buy the score bootleg off of you

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