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Comments about the soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica (Stu Phillips)
Jesus Christ preached Galactica with Jehvoah

Kill Roy
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  Responses to this Comment:
Jesus Christ preached Galactica with Jehvoah   Saturday, November 22, 2003 (9:32 a.m.) 

It is coming 4445: "Has been, mplanted in 2 each ove your, minds eye as wel as my minds eye, as well, as Noah, it is coming, 4445, the Natiuons have 2 know that, eye am Jehvoah, but hsi other name is, !!YAWH!! it is coming, one moment guys, and thu skie is blue and off and running, flick my back pack bag, it is coming, water is fine, but this is, not, A, Scifi flick, it is coming, it is coming stright from the Arkives ove up their, yes, as it was, the day, of "Sodom and Gomorru" as it was YAWh rain down, sulfur and fire from up their, it is coming, becaue, eye am thu 1, to push this, forward and not backward, becaue, YAWH is ready 2 rest his, feet on this earth, the earth is his foot stool, and we are, his, people, that arte call, "Jehovahs Witness" nock, nock, we are here becaue, ove world conditions, and the world, conditions are bad, it is coming becaue, lives are at stak, at that, day and hour it will be just and, "Rdunaryday" every one will be at their every day, wasy ove life working and going, in to some building to look for somthing as we the people are to day,a s it happen, to, (JFK) point blank, that day will be, the call is going out today, galss of water any one, it is coming, "one moment guys" thu key to every ones, safety is that nock, Hi: 'we are Jehovahs witness, this which they do, is all about what, "Jesus Christ, taught his twelve desciples, and as he set around the mountain ove olives he all so taught and spoke ove many thigns, about, the world conditions, as well as other palce in and uabout and which way, did Jesus Christ preach, East West North South, as well as it will be at that day, the four winds, and before, "I' go, the hold purpose, of this, nock, nock, is A, A, teaching prosedure, 2 educate, and as we face him and he face ous, all at that perfect day, we will all be that, honey would you turn on that lamp.

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  In Response to:
Kill Roy
Re: Jesus Christ preached Galactica with Jehvoah   Monday, January 26, 2004 (5:08 a.m.) 

Die, freak!

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  In Response to:
Kill Roy
Re: Jesus Christ preached Galactica with Jehvoah   Friday, May 14, 2004 (4:06 p.m.) 

In the words of the immortal Jack Burton: "What?"

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