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Comments about the soundtrack for Congo (Jerry Goldsmith)

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i started reading...
• Posted by: mark wahlborg   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, April 5, 2013, at 11:27 p.m.
• IP Address:
• Now Playing: the perfect storm - JIMMY hornersz

and two paragraphs in knew I could write a better review of CONGO yes CONGO that piece of [bleep!] nobody remembers EXCEPT me. why u ask. well for starters all christian remembers of this travesty is the fact that it was, so what, a cinematic piece of camel [bleep!] yes travesty traveysrfes ry sry. FROM AN OBJECTIVE POINT OF VIEW.

like roger ebert's. but, he was
50, and fat, at the, time. and now he like has no chin
or face, or he looks like that scene in a.i. no i used to respect him really is he still alive, anyone?

ok but a voice inside my head tells me it remembers christian's original review(s)? of goldsmith's congo and his thoughts haven't changed. they're boring. cuz he just has to on some fundamental level compare it to jurassic park. probably one of the best theater movies ever. and while it has no emotional passion that spielberg's very best films do imo, on a direction;al?; level it might be his most impressive (of ever or past 20 years? saving private ryan migth compare on that level);;but how many movies in the 90s, out of what 4BILLION, touch the original jurassic park???
Congo was, bad yes, but not really, more accurately it was BULL[bleep!] AVERAGE, so average it almost makes you laugh or cry or have intrusive thoughts of selma hayek giving you head lice during the spanish civil war fkn mussolino. probably worst sin was it had the budget of jurassic park but looked like the budget of david cronenberg's the fly. without the awesome creature effects.

BUT THAT [bleep!] THAT CREATURE stuff that clemmensin mentions, THAT is why this film is important to me. I was only 12 when I saw it, on VHS, rented it daddy dearest did when it came out. we had a big piece of [bleep!] 50" toshiba or something good for the day ;95;1933; and he had just gotten this COOL NEW 2.1 SURROUND SPEAKER SYSTEM for it and me and my even younger brother were like COOL [bleep!] this is gonna be JURASSIC PARK IN THE comfort of OUR HOME.

anyway it was just one of those surreal type of experiences i had a few times as akid, only with select movies. 12 was still young, and certain movies, particular horror ones, [bleep!]ed my psyche up bad. dunno why. like the exorcist. and a few others.
but for SOME REASON, congo is one of those. WHY U ASK. because i was a healthy 12 year old kid and was charmed by cinema, loved jurassic park, got this TIGHT NEW 2.1 DOLBY LUCAS BULl[bleep!] WHATEVER, and then had a memorable night watching Congo with my brother mother and father. whatever on the couch. nice family night. EXCEPT the last half of this movie GAVE ME NIGHTMARES FOR WEEKS. christian criticizes the effects work, but to a kid with an imagination, those WHITE DIAMOND MONKAPES at the end and before crushing skulls and jumping into
lava sacrificing themselves.
that was like vooodoo [bleep!]. WTf bush and reagan ran the world 5 years prior. at least jurassic park was just a nice type of fantasy darwinian jab at ehm maybe things? yah so. and no the apes in the film do look like big grey wookies nothing compared to spielberg's obv genius craftsmanship in jp, but they're not THAT bad (the films money did go somewhere).

i think i might be mad. goldsmith's score anyway is an average respectable turd of a composition. good first track good last track sums it up. lebo m is uninspired and goldsmith has none of the lowery region BLACKIDITY african type rhtyhm and feel / spirit;;heart that zimmer does in the lion king etc. or like christian says the goldsir's vastly superior ghost in the darkness, which while not nearly as traumatic of a film only because I saw it at a later age, is also a far far far better movie (thus goldsmith's inspiration; i also recall sirfatbert giving ghsot and the darkness half a star (out of 4). he made some fat comparison to jaws i forget really.

given life is hard and short but long and people are insane and goldsmith wrote over probably 20-30 masterpieces for films for the most part not worthy of his name (and) presence;; that are avavilable on CD FOR free from God on the internet or at the mall amazon etc if you want to get philisophical about it this score doesn't really exist.

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