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Comments about the soundtrack for The Da Vinci Code (Hans Zimmer)
What is wrong with some of you people...this is just music

Oh my god...
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  Responses to this Comment:
What is wrong with some of you people...this is just music   Friday, June 9, 2006 (2:57 p.m.) 

As a 15 year old I have read the DA Vinci code and find nothing wrong with it's message. It is not against god or the church at simply points out possible human flaws...not godly ones. That we might have at one point lost the correct way, and slightly strayed...we have done it before and people shouldn't be so worked up because a new possible theory which would alter our belief system has been introduced. It doesn't challenge Jesus Christ, nor does it challenge god. It simply challenges our total trust in the teachings that we have always had...but like I said and like we all know. Men are not perfect and we make mistakes sometimes. This would be man's vanity and pride, attemtping to subdue Mary M. but it is still not challenging god and the basic beliefs of the church. And to whoever said that this music is satanic...please grow up. Music is man's finest creation...gods greatest gift. Music defines things, and can be used for anything. RElief, passion, love, hate, action. Music simply allows us to understand each other, and relate. It expresses. This music is just music...gorgeous music, which is in no way tied to can't be tied to satan. Something so beautiful could never be the work of the devil. I mean just listen to almost reinforces god I think. The beauty of it, the builds, the instruments, the's amazing, and it gorgeous. So please, don't bad mouth music, especially of such quality, and leave the book alone. Just because it challenges some of you small minded ass holes, doesn't mean that it's horrible and sinful, and to the dumb ass preacher who says its satanic...what are you smoking. Just listen to it. It doesn't sound at all to me like the devil. The choirs, the's more like heaven I think.

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  In Response to:
Oh my god...
Re: What is wrong with some of you people...this is just music   Saturday, June 10, 2006 (8:54 p.m.) 

Firstly, you probably shouldn't state your age in the first sentence. Your argument would probably be much stronger if people didn't know that you were still in high school, because, minus the use of needless profanity, your language doesn't necessarily suggest you are a young teenager. However, I do find it interesting that you chose to capatilze "Jesus Christ" and not "God." Your arguments are solid though, and I would have to say that I agree (this is concerning the novel itself, not the musical aspects). In acknowledgement of the opposition to the presented theory of Mary Magdalene, I would like to say the evidence Dan Brown uses is hardly sufficient, compared to the amount of Canonical information the world(and I use this term quite broadly) chooses to follow. Then again, maybe the Vatican has us all fooled. Hopefully we'll find out when we die.

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