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Comments about the soundtrack for Die Another Day (David Arnold)
Arnold do still need some more inputs before he is the right composer for a Bond film

Mark Malmstrøm
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  Responses to this Comment:
Arnold do still need some more inputs before he is the right composer for a Bond film   Friday, December 20, 2002 (6:23 a.m.) 

I was in a very sad mood when I found out that the gunbarrel for DAD are the traditionally John Barry opening.

When Arnold scored TND, a new era came to the Bond films when several Barry fans had to surrender them self to the new gunbarrel theme - the first 9 seconds in "WHITE KNIGHT". Arnold continued with the same gunbarrel-theme for TWINE (but this time it had a drum beat). However this is not the case with the DAD gunbarrel.

If we now look at the gunbarrels for the earlier Bond films - We will see a red line in all the films scored by John Barry. This are also the case as with the "James bond theme" in those film

John Barry scored bond theme in the films of Sean Connery with the guitar

The Bond theme in the film with George Lazenby was made by a syntheziser

The film with Roger Moore had a Bond theme composed for the strings/orchestra

The film with Timothy Dalton had the same gunbarrel as Roger Moore. A theme composed for the strings/orchestra - Included was a drum beat with made by an synthesizer in the theme as head in the film( I guess that John Barry couldn't find any more ideas of some new way to score the gunbarrel or maybe he just like the Roger Moore gunbarrel because the gunbarrel for TLD is as i said, the traditional Roger Moore gunbarrel).

You can check this out by looking at the gunbarrel at those film

1. You Only Live Twice
3. Diamond Are Forever

And finally

1. A View To A Kill
2. The Living Daylights

Giving the chance there was for David Arnold to score more than one Bond film it's a shame that he didn't maintain the gunbarrel theme he created for his first efforts TND, and included it for the DAD gunbarrel.

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  In Response to:
Mark Malmstrøm

  Responses to this Comment:
Mark - 224
Re: Arnold do still need some more inputs before he is the right composer for a Bond f   Sunday, December 22, 2002 (9:23 a.m.) 

hmm its interesting youve taken so much notice in the gunbarrel music (so have i) i was just thinking what would have been a terrific new theme... the goldeneye gunbarrel music but faster with more of a beat coz i loved that goldeneye one... it was very new, and interesting but now listening back, it was slow... i dunno why but with die another day i was expecting somthing more like that... actually it kind of sounded like goldfingers barrel but if you notice carfully there are kinda "roar" sounds which arenew but hey... it had the twanging guitar in it!!! thats sooooooooo james bond :P when i create the bond animation... i know exactly the type of music that will be in it

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Mark - 224
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Re: Arnold do still need some more inputs before he is the right composer for a Bond f   Thursday, February 13, 2003 (1:42 a.m.) 

Yes yes - But that "roar" sound was created by Michael Kamen (and you can here it in the cue "LICENCE REVOKED") who were difently inspired by the brass-theme in John Barry's James Bond/Gunbarrel theme for the Roger Moore series

And, then again I want to make a statement: JOHN BARRY WROTE JAMES BOND THEME, NOT MONTY NORMAN......

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Mark Malmstrøm
Re: Arnold do still need some more inputs before he is the right composer for a Bond f   Tuesday, April 13, 2004 (10:50 a.m.) 

The best gunbarrel music for Connery: Diamonds Are Forever (although the movie was irratatingly horrible); Moore: For Your Eyes Only (scored by Bill Conti of Rocky fame)very grand and for the Brosnan films...I havent heard anything that interesting other than they really are a parody of themselves...i like the 3D gunbarrel, but not how short the sequence is....furthermore...I never quite found the Roger Moore/Barry/ STrings version of the gunbarrel that exciting, except it might have better personified Moore's suave performance...however, i do like the orchestrated (strings, brass, tambourine) version of the bond theme within the movies...aka: moonraker pre-title sequence of the arial fight. I must say...the Lazenby gunbarrel (with the reprise of the dr no "Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman Present" sweep) was horrible...he looks so akward (not that connery didnt) walking out in the typical late 60's tight fitting tux and stupid hat and then to kneel, aim and fire...all the while being irrated with this "beep beep beep" synthetic version of the JB Theme....embarassing! -although, OHMSS is probably the best bond score, with the exception of that horrible bond theme.

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