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Comments about the soundtrack for Evan Almighty (John Debney)

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Apologize to God
• Posted by: J.Palmer
• Date: Friday, September 23, 2011, at 7:50 p.m.
• IP Address:

Evan Almighty is of the Devil. At one point Steve Carell says the line, “God thought it would be funny.” As I recall the story of Noah and his ark, it’s about an angry God who decides to kill nearly everyone on earth. Apparently the idea of God drowning the wicked for their sin and rebellion is a big joke to movie producers. The Word of God is not a laughing matter, and should never be taken as such.

The advertisement for Evan Almighty states... "A COMEDY OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS"! The implications are clear... the producers of Evan Almighty think the Bible is one big comedy. But they won't be laughing when they're cast into the Lake of Fire (2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9; Revelation 20:11-15).

Note: Please notice the Washington Monument (a freemason illuminati symbol) in the lower left corner of the movie poster. We are seeing New World Order symbolism in everything nowadays, showing people's allegiance to the forming Beast system of the coming Antichrist.

Universal (Pictures) Propaganda hoped to have a summer hit with the June 22, 2007 release of Evan Almighty (AKA The Passion of the Ark). This sequel to the lack luster and equally as offensive, Bruce Almighty, is described as: "A self-obsessed congressman learns the value of helping others when he is told by God to build an ark to prepare for a flood."

Where is the humor to be found in this? I suppose the producers of this film are banking on the return of Morgan Freeman, as a nasty talking, ghetto-acting, colored Lord and Savior, will appeal to enough people to fill the theaters. I think not. Perhaps the talent scouts for Evan Almighty believe that casting foul mouthed actors Wanda Sikes, John Goodman, and Steve Carell are the key to this films success. I think not.

What will offer minimal success to this film is the overwhelming display of blasphemy and sacrilege towards Christianity. Hoards of atheists, Satanists, and pagans have been anxiously awaiting for the latest in a string of films that mock and defile the name of the Lord. It is probably too late to save those people from eternal damnation, but there may be hope for the unsuspecting souls who are not aware of the true nature of this film. As Christians it is our duty to so something about it. Evan Almighty is straight out of the pits of Hell. We don't hear much about sin, judgment, or Hellfire nowadays. Everyone wants to hear about love, love, love; BUT, the world's love is NO love at all, it is compromise and superficiality. This is why we hear so much singing about "love" from the sinful world; BUT, the divorce rate continues to skyrocket. The world's love is a conditional love, which seeks it's own and is easily lost (1st Corinthians 13:4,5).

Calling Evan Almighty a disaster doesn’t do justice to its excruciating, unmitigated awfulness. It really transcends labels. Calling it bad would be a compliment. But Evan Almighty is so almighty bad that it really needs its own separate scale of abject cinematic stench, just above Epic Movie and Knocked Up. The studio, cast, and crew of Evan Almighty should apologize to God. The World is Going to Hell (Matthew 7:13,14), and yet professed Christians such as Tom Shadyac are making a comedy of God's Word. With all the late night shows making fun of Jesus Christ, and all the blasphemous websites attacking God and the Bible, you'd think professed Christians wouldn't do the same. The truth is that Tom Shadyac is NO Christian.

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