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  Comments about: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Nicholas Hooper)
• Posted by GK
• Date: Saturday, July 25, 2009, at 6:22 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Some interesting things about this score (Mike)

  Re: Some interesting things about this score

> i'm sorry Patrick Doyle did what? are you kidding me? Doyle's score never
> quoted any of Williams themes or motifs, there was a half assed version of
> Hedwig's theme in the opening but that was it

You're right on that one. But apparently you missed a few examples. Hedwig is played over the titles, on the Hogwarts Express, when Ron's owl flies in bringing his dress robes, not to mention the lovely rendition in "Voldemort" that was cut from the movie, and the end titles.
You may not have recognised those, but that's indeed what thematic variation means.

> Hooper's superior scores not only quotes the themes, but even remembered
> the brass motif from the Quidditch match from the 3rd movie.

Excuse me, which themes did Hooper quote? Tell me. I can answer for you: he quoted as much as Doyle, and that is NONE! He used Hedwig's theme, in almost the exact Williams rendition. That in itself doesn't do the music justice, since not even Williams himself would have quoted Hedwig's theme in exactly the same fashion as in Philosopher's Stone.

He "remembered" the Quidditch brass motif because Prisoner Of Azkaban is the only Potter score Hooper listened to before writing for the series.
And apparently, he didn't listen careful enough; or he simply doesn't have the musical wits for realising that this motif is actually a variant on Double Trouble, which is the main theme for PoA, and had therefor nothing to lose in Half-Blood Prince.

> i am so sick of all this Hooper bashing. why don't you guys form a club
> and hang and piss on the score all day, because it seems that's all you
> people love to do

Well, step into a corner and cry then.
Calling people names has seldomly lead them to re-evaluate their point of view.

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