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Comments about the soundtrack for King Arthur (Hans Zimmer)
Why are there people who think we are crazy just because we like Hans' work?


  Responses to this Comment:
Why are there people who think we are crazy just because we like Hans' work?   Wednesday, July 28, 2004 (2:22 a.m.) 

That's the question I would ask to anyone who likes Hans' works so as me. I've read tons of reactions about "King Arthur" and other recent Hans Zimmer"s albums, and I've read comments, either good or bad, about them. I saw many comments where some people say we are crazy because we like the albums Hans scored and I can't believe that they like to bash both the artist and the fans so deliberately. I've never seen that kind of bad reaction about any other composer I went on Maybe they're purists who don't like composers and also pioneers in movie scoring at the same time. They don't believe that any instument is good to create music as long as the music is enjoyable, so as the olds folks from the Academy.

The thing I know is: since 1994 (From "The Lion King" to "King Arthur"), Hans Zimmer has been the most consistent composer when it comes about movie scoring, there was no long period of lacking inspiration, he is not the kind of guy who recycles that much his older movie scores, he came out regularly with good albums of different genres and he still does great work. Those who don't appreciate Hans should not write to bash an artist living his life with such a talent. When I listen to a movie score, the music has to be enjoyable, and makes us feel the emotion of the film. That's all that matters.

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  Responses to this Comment:
Re: Why are there people who think we are crazy just because we like Hans' work?   Wednesday, July 28, 2004 (4:20 a.m.) 

I agree with you! Hans insists on trying new and innovative things while never losing his passion for creating heart felt, invigorative music. If people out there honestly can say they enjoy the worst synthetic score TITANIC by James Horner they are seriously just not being honest to themselves. Zimmer's music lifts any film and he's unselfishness to share and help others in the film music industry should only get him the up most respect from any film and film music enthusiast and who says a film score needs to be totally played by intsruments in an orchestra? Get real you old farts who are just against Zimmer for the fact that he is willing to use all kinds of musial instruments and tools to create the ultimate score for a movie. Zimmer and the guys he has helped bring into the Blockbuster Scoring realm are the only ones who literally can score any type of film. Horner can't, Williams can't, Howard Shore definetly tries and i have heaps of scores by these guysbut they don't come close to the power and original themes and ideas of Zimmer. People also hold Alan Sylvestr in such a high class and he uses synths but he still hasn't pushed the envelope for progressing his style. People don't give him #####. Lets remember that film scores are not classical peices of music. The beauty of a great composer like Zimmer is that he can do jazz, classical, electro, heavy metal anything!!!! We are in the modern era of scoring! If Zimmer wasnt there the soundtrack section in the music stores would be a quarter the size! Hans YOU ROCK and lets just enjoy what music comes out of films. The joy of music is that everyone has there own style/s they like. Lets not bag the composers or listeners for there tastes. If the score for King Arthur doesn't move you the slightest bit you honestly aren't into film music! Peace to all and lets hope there are more great scores to come this year

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Re: Why are there people who think we are crazy just because we like Hans' work?   Sunday, August 1, 2004 (10:25 a.m.) 

I agree with your comments! I can't understand people who criticise Hans Zimmer's scores. They say that film scores shouldn't contain electronic sounds. What's wrong with using synthesizers? It is funny but Zimmer's classical oriented soundtracks are also criticised by them. Take for example Hannibal. It is one of the best classical soundtracks in the history. A masterpiece! Hannibal proves that Zimmer is able to compose great music without using electronic sounds. There are composers in Hollywood who have to use only traditional orchestra because they aren't able to do anything else. They can only recycle their earlier projects. Of course Academy critics have nothing against it. These people don't know what is the real art. The only thing we can do is laugh at them. Zimmer has revolutionised film music and since 1994 he rules. It's out of the question.

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