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  Comments about: The Mask of Zorro (James Horner)
 • Posted by: The Helper
• Date: Thursday, August 18, 2005, at 7:45 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Shedding some light on the dance scene (Genevieve)

  Re: Shedding some light on the dance scene

> This is a copy of a thread I posted on another site:

> The music for the dance sequence is not on the soundtrack simply because
> it wasn't composed by James Horner (as all the other songs were).

> I believe the music for that scene was originally based on a famous folk
> song from the 1800's called "El Sombrero Blanco".

> The closest copy I found to it on Kazaa was a rendition by Enrique
> Rodriguez called "El Sombrero". The beginning sounds very much
> like the dance sequence, so I'm pretty sure that's it. There's also one by
> Los Churumbeles De Espaņa, but I think the one by Rodriguez is more
> similar. Keep in mind that the folk song is more upbeat -- in the movie
> version, they slowed it down, added more strings, and made it more
> dramatic.

> I agree that it's a beautiful song, especially combined with the sweeping
> movements of the camera, and, of course, Antonio & Catherine's
> dancing.

> I've also read that "El Sombrero Blanco" was also used in the
> 1940 film The Mark of Zorro, where Zorro (Tyrone Power) again dances to it
> to win the heart of a seņorita. But I haven't seen that film, so I
> couldn't say for sure.

> Hope that answers your question.

> From,
"a Zorro fan"
Thank you.

*JUST GO TO KAZAA AND TYPE IN: Mask of Zorro Dance Scene*

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