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Comments about the soundtrack for The Matrix Reloaded (Don Davis)
The Complete Score Rocks


  Responses to this Comment:
Mister Frodo
The Complete Score Rocks   Tuesday, October 31, 2006 (2:39 p.m.) 

I was probably like many of you who got the 2-CD album set of Reloaded thinking it was an actual 2-CD complete score but of course I was wrong. Disc 1 had all the crappy music from various artists and Disc 2 had less score on it than the first Matrix CD that Varese put out. It was such a shame. I waited for a long time then the 2-CD promo for the full Matrix Reloaded score was leaked out and I was able to get my hands on a copy of it. I did learn that two versions of the score were leaked out.

Version 1: Had strictly Don Davis music on it. It lacked, "Furious Angels" - Rob Dougan, "Teahouse" - Juno Reactor, "Burly Brawl" - Don Davis vs Juno Reactor, and "Chateau" - Rob Dougan. This version however did have the film version for "Mona Lisa Overdrive".

Version 2: Had all the cues listed above but it lacked the full cue for "The Bane Transformation". It was missing "The Bane Voyage" cue and it only had the original album edit for "Mona Lisa Overdrive."

I was lucky enough to get Version 1. The only thing I had to do was rip those cues that were missing from Version 1 off of the original 2-CD album and the score was complete. Like the complete score for The Matrix, the complete score for Matrix Reloaded has so much good music that was left off the original 2-CD album. I for one am lucky to inquire the 2-CD promo set that has all the music in it. I will note though that neither of these versions have the film version mixes for "Free Flight" or "Double Trouble". It sucks that they have not been leaked at all...

Disc 1
01- Main Title (1:39)
02- Trinity Dream (1:59)
03- Enter The Nebuchadnezzar (1:11)
04- Smith At The Door (4:17)
05- Furious Angels (5:32) - Rob Dougan
06- Free Flight (3:12)
07- Wonder Of Zion (1:23)
08- The Lascivious Lift (1:13)
09- Link And Zee (2:15)
10- Morpheus On The Mount (0:54)
11- Goodnight, Zion (1:08)
12- The Bane Transformation (1:44)
13- The Bane Voyage (2:53)
14- First, I Must Apologize (1:11)
15- Teahouse (1:06) - Juno Reactor
16- The Industrial Highway (1:16)
17- Oracle Oratory (2:07)
18- Purpose That Created Us (3:07)
19- Burly Brawl (5:54)
20- Burly Brawl (Alternate) (1:33)
21- Multiple Replication (Unused) (4:29)

Disc 2
01- Council Of The Cool (2:06)
02- Meeting The Merovingian (1:47)
03- Niasierie (5:59)
04- Choice Is An Illusion (2:39)
05- Sample This (3:51)
06- Meet The Keymaker (0:53)
07- Some Skill (0:43)
08- Chateau (3:22) - Rob Dougan
09- Chateau Swashbuckling (Unused) (3:47)
10- Double Trouble (2:20)
11- Mona Lisa Overdrive (Unedited) (10:14)
12- Truck Vs. Truck (4:26)
13- The Plan (4:18)
14- Final Flight Of The Vigilant (3:00)
15- Kill The Keymaker (3:05)
16- Window Switch (0:48)
17- Doddering Old Fool (3:14)
18- The Problem Is Choice (4:10)
19- Neo Miraculous (3:38)
20- No More Nebuchadnezzar (4:02)
21- Contusion Conclusion (1:16)

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Mister Frodo
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  In Response to:
I doubt you'll tell me...   Monday, May 14, 2007 (10:55 p.m.) 

I guess you're not talking about how you got the promo, right? Shame. Of course, I would understand. It's just that I've come to love my downloaded Matrix Reloaded Suite and would like to hear the real score without the editing. Haven't seen the movie yet, though.

Anyway, would you tell me how you got it? And if you can't or won't, that's fine. Congratulations on getting the score. You're luckier than most.

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