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Comments about the soundtrack for Minority Report (John Williams)

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Re: A small overlook to Williams's last 3 Scores
• Posted by: Spianman   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, March 6, 2003, at 6:10 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: A small overlook to Williams's last 3 Scores (iBug)

I think you're mistaking concerning the part "Minority Report" in your "speech".. You say that MR has no such themes like HP or SWE2. I think you're wrong, very wrong; Mr does have themes: for me there is a main theme and that's the theme you here in track 3: the theme from the the precrime departement; then another theme is sean's theme, and that's just like the theme in A.I. from the mother of the (artifficial) child (don't remember the name, sorry...) Well I think that Minority is a very fine score, my only point is that williams still uses the same action motifs (tracks 3 in MR, track 11 in Hp, track 12 in Lost world..) AND HE HAS TO STOP DOING THAT!!!

Greetingzz Spianoman

> I didn't watch Minority Report yet but I listened to the score and I must
> say that I'm not impressed with the last efforts of Williams.
> A.I. which was the last time I liked a Williams score really much we had
> Harry Potter, Episode 2 and Minority Report.
I won't write everything
> in detail since I wrote so many comments on the first 2 but what I want to
> emphasize is that Williams is slowly fading away to the storytelling and
> storytelling only. Spielberg clearly writes out in every CD booklet that
> Williams is the best musical storyteller of all time and I think he's
> right. Williams tells the story every time with notes and sounds. But the
> problem is in these 3 scores he doesn't go further than telling the story
> for me. Harry Potter has a nice theme, Star Wars has a great theme but the
> general sound of the scores is not really fun to listen. Especially think
> of Star Wars, except Across The Stars suite there is no track which I
> listen and really feel something. Also in Harry Potter, Harry's Wondrous
> World track is a really good suite and has beautiful music and the concert
> suite at the end combines several themes and makes a nice track to listen
> but the other tracks are even entertaining are just telling some story,
> they don't make sense without the pictures in my mind. The Quidditch track
> for example, when I put the DVD and put the CD and synchronize both I have
> a nice 6 minutes. Since I know the scene and every small movement-action
> in the scene I have fun when listening to the track, also for the chess
> game track, it has some entertaining percussion with some tension in it,
> with the film great, listening is also fun but the fun comes mostly
> because I like the action in the scene and I like the usage of the music
> to make that action stronger and those make me like the music. Take
> Episode 2, take the 3 action tracks Zam Chase, Jango's Escape and the
> Arena, everyone of them contain the same kind of music as I mentioned
> before, fun to listen especially the Zame Chase, it has some incredible
> percussion use and really nice tempo and some unique sounds for a Williams
> score but not enough. Definitely not enough. Then I listen to Minority
> Report, it has no remarkable theme like Episode 2 or Potter. The only
> interesting tracks are 8,9 and 10 except the end titles or the opening
> suite. Track 10 is a strong action cue but it's exactly the same type of
> music as the Zam Chase or Quidditch Match. Fast tempo, nice percussion,
> nice brass, nice vibraphone but still something is missing. I think the
> only great track in Minority Report is track 8. It's really something new
> for me, great string work and as harmonically it's quite complex and as a
> track it's complete because it is not cut to parts with some slow
> passages, it begins, it gets stronger and it resolves. The only flaw is
> that it's too short.

> I'm not finding these scores quite impressive because that something which
> is missing from all of them used to be in every Williams score before.
> When I think of E.T. finale or Close Encounters finale or Superman, those
> scores went far more than storytelling. They greatly told the story but
> they were also great music without the story. I just don't want to hear
> any brass going to higher tones because Anderton is flying higher, I want
> to hear more melody, more harmony in the music. The action cues are based
> on only orchestration, maybe that's why Williams recommends Don Davis to
> make JP 3 score, Davis is a great orchestrator and for JP 3 with the
> original themes the only thing the movie needed is orchestration like
> Williams did for the first 2, even not as successful as the first 2
> scores. A.I. and Patriot were the last Williams scores which had melody in
> almost every track. I hope we will see more old type Williams music in
> Indiana Jones 4 and Episode 3 because I miss that music.

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