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  Comments about: Mission: Impossible 2 (Hans Zimmer)
 • Posted by: Tony
• Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008, at 10:29 a.m.
• IP Address:

  Why do you bother reviewing Zimmer's albums?

Your reviews for Zimmer's work are consistently negative and it is obvious you have serious issues with his scoring methods. The man, in your eyes, can do nothing right. You even make point in several reviews that on the rare occasion when there is something within a Zimmer album that you like, that it wasn't Zimmer's work (e.g. Lisa Gerrard for Gladiator/MI2).

You are of course entitled to your opinion on the man, but why not just call it a day with his albums and stop reviewing them. The reviews all end up the same way, it starts a war in the forums, insults are thrown back and forth. It never ends.

As a huge Zimmer fan I think for the sake of this site, please stop reviewing his albums. It just makes you seem bitter every time. Like I've said before in these forums, you never review a score based on it's effectiveness within a film, you simply rate it on how good you thought it was on repeat in your CD player. This would be perfect for reviewing a chart album but when it's to do with film, Zimmer's gift is writing (on 95% of occassions) a perfect score for the particular film it accompanies. The Dark Knight was a prime example a near-perfect film/film score matching which got a near-scathing review. It matched the tone of the film perfectly and that is exactly what Zimmer's job is - a FILM score composer.

Your site is called Filmtracks. You just seem to forget that during your reviews. Your knowledge of music is certainly extensive but your reviews would be better suited to a classical music website. I would not have an issue if your site called "Classic Tracks" or some equally unimaginative title and was dedicated to classic music in general (not just film) and then based on standalone quality was given a rating. But your site is specific to film and so in my humble opinion more balance needs to be given to the fact the music was written to accompany a film and not just to be popped into a CD player.


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