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Comments about the soundtrack for The Mummy Returns (Alan Silvestri)
The Mummy score vs. The Mummy Returns

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  Responses to this Comment:
Gábor Fülöp
The Mummy score vs. The Mummy Returns   Tuesday, June 5, 2001 (6:27 p.m.) 

Let's be blunt. I preferred the original Mummy soundtrack, and was very disappointed when I heard the Mummy Returns soundtrack. I really can't see the cause for the hype and the gushing comments from eveeryone.

I think that you have to decide whether you consider a soundtrack as good because:
1. it complements the movie, OR
2. it sounds good on CD.

The Mummy Returns may sound good on CD. I do not dispute that. However as a film soundtrack, I consider something to be lacking. When I watched the movie, I constantly found myself wishing for more from the score. It seemed a little too repetitive in parts. And in other parts, the music didn't reflect what was happening on the screen!

Obviously everyone has their own opinions, but for me Goldsmith's Mummy score was so much better than the Mummy Returns.

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Gábor Fülöp
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  In Response to:
Worthy sequel   Monday, June 18, 2001 (9:58 a.m.) 

In the past I have never listend the music wich I have heard in the films, what I have just saw. I really like ALAN SILVETRI music, he is one of my favourite, in this film his work fit very well and sometimes he outdo JERRY GOLDSMITH. In Evy Kidnaped his music very similiar to Judge Dredd which is my favourite Silvetri work. In the hole album he mix the action, horror and romantic music at the best. I think Goldsmith work for the first film is the best from the maestro, but I can experience Silvetri music much easier. When I first heard that Goldsmith returned from the sequel I was disappointed, but later I was amused the work from Alan Silvestri. Like in the films (The Mummy and The Mummy Returns) also in the music you can saw (hear) the differences. Goldsmith music was natural on the other hand Silvetri music is a litle bit fantastic.
For me it's ****. Silvetri, keep it on.

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  In Response to:
The Mummy Scores   Friday, August 11, 2006 (1:43 p.m.) 

Sorry man but i found them two GREAT !
I'm a big movies soundtracks collector,
but a good movies collector too !
I saw the Mummy saga on DVDs (including Scorpion king which is a spin-of)
I can tell you that after watching the movies,
I was very excited to get the both soundtracks,
'cause all the time both in the movies i was in action !
really due to the great work of Silvestri and Goldsmith,
and after hearing'em carefully in audio,
i was really emerged in the environnement again !
I can't deny that i'm a very fan of All Ancient Egypt Related,
so, for me, Mummy and Mummy Returns are great movies and great
music scores too ! Thanx to the great composes.

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