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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (John Williams)

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The Real Ultimate Edition
• Posted by: Pudgy
• Date: Sunday, December 3, 2006, at 5:42 p.m.
• IP Address:

As we all know Sony Classical released a 2-CD set of The Phantom Menace score called "The Ultimate Edition" back in November 2000. At the time I had not learned of its release until a month later from a user on Napster (when it was still free at the time) while I was downloading some of the tracks from him. Upon learning of its release I quickly called Borders Books and Music and ordered me a copy of it. After it got in I went and bought it and started listening to it right away after I got home. For the longest time I really loved this set. For the longest time I would not let anyone try to tell me the set was not "complete" and that it did not have all the music as originally written for as Sony claimed.

After time however I finally opened up and started listening to early fan made edits of the score with unused music from the various Episode I games. I soon started to realize all the bad edits for the Sony version of the score and really began to hate it especially with how chopped up "The Battle For Naboo" was. As time went I finally loved the complete intended edition a lot more. There were no more loops, no clunky edits, no Duel Of The Fates tracked through out the "Battle Of Naboo" pieces etc...

It hwasn't been until recently in the last few years that 99% of the unused material for The Phantom Menace has been leaked in the various Episode I games as CD quality. Upon getting all the great unused music I took it upon myself to assemble the real Ultimate Edition of the score. I still used the same layout format as the Sony set, basically a lot of cues run into each other but this has been edited to how it originally was intended. Sony and Lucasfilm really dropped the ball and fracked things up big time with the so called "Ultimate Edition" release. Don't get me wrong I loved for the fact that we had unreleased music for Sony's set in high quality stereo that alone was worth the purchase but as I said I perfer the intended version more.

Well it took many, many, many times to finally nail down the real Ultimate Edition of The Phantom Menace score at least for me. When I finally nailed down everything to how I liked it, I was very pleased with the results.

Listening to this score as originally intended has made the listening experience in itself so much more enjoyable. As I stated before there are no loops, clunky edits and Duel Of The Fates is not tracked through out "The Battle Of Naboo" cues like on the Sony set. This set is definitely my greatest treasure in my score collection.

*=Contains Unused Music

Disc 1
01- 20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:22)
02- Star Wars Main Title (1:24)/
03- Short Negotiations (2:32)/
04- Darth Sidious (0:42)/
05- Gas Leak (0:34)/
06- Fighting The Destroyer Droids (1:42)*/
07- Queen Amidala's Warning (2:29)*/
08- The Droid Landing (1:25)*
09- Jar Jar Binks (2:14)*/
10- Otoh Gunga (3:02)/
11- The Planet Core (1:34)
12- Loosing Power (1:20)*
13- Claw Fish Attack (1:20)
14- The Occupation Of Theed (1:27)*/
15- Rescuing The Queen (1:52)/
16- Escape From Naboo (2:37)*/
17- Enter Darth Maul (0:58)
18- Arrival At Tatooine (2:30)*/
19- Street Band Of Mos Espa (1:16)/
20- Meeting Anakin (1:15)*/
21- Desert Winds (1:28)/
22- Jar Jar and Sebulba (1:28)/
23- The Skywalker Home (2:40)/
24- Revenge (1:10)
25- Talk Of Podracing (2:56)
26- Qui-Gon and Shmi (2:23)/
27- Podracer Mechanics (1:38)
28- It's Working! (1:25)/
29- The Sith Spacecraft (0:58)/
30- Mos Espa Band Arena (0:53)/
31- Watto's Deal (1:58)*/
32- The Flag Parade (1:22)*
33- Sebulba's Dirty Hand (0:48)/
34- Announcing The Contendors (0:58)*
35- The Race Begins (1:35)*
36- Podcrash (0:09)*
37- Anakin Defeats Sebulba (1:53)*
38- Anakin's Great Victory (1:10)
39- The Street Singer (1:10)
40- Anakin Is Free (5:04)/
41- Duel In The Desert (1:46)/
42- The Naboo Palace (1:08)/
43- Anakin and Padmé (1:07)/
44- Arrival At Coruscant (1:42)

Disc 2
01- No Confidence (0:39)
02- High Council Meeting (2:39)
03- A New Chancellor (1:16)*/
04- Anakin Is Tested (1:31)/
05- Fear and Compassion (2:11)/
06- Mysteries Of The Force (1:49)/
07- Departing Coruscant (2:01)
08- Federation Control (0:28)/
09- Return To Naboo (2:18)/
10- The Gungan Sacred Place (0:35)/
11- Audience With Boss Nass (1:49)/
12- War Plans (2:26)
13- Wipe Them Out (0:27)/
14- The Gungan Army (0:35)*/
15- The Droid Army Unfolds (0:36)/
16- Retaking Theed (1:00)*/
17- The Droids Advance (0:32)*
18- The Hangar Battle (1:30)*/
19- The Appearance Of Darth Maul (0:44)*/
20- Destroyer Droid Assault (0:25)*/
21- Anakin's Launch (0:44)
22- The Great Duel (4:09)/
23- Attack On The Control Ship (2:12)/
24- Scaling The Palace (0:25)*/
25- The Duel Rages On (1:04)*/
26- Behind The Shield (0:14)/
27- Anakin's Crash Landing (0:41)/
28- Qui-Gon's Noble End (2:20)
29- Battleship Destroyed (1:31)/
30- Death Of Maul (0:33)/
31- Obi-Wan's Promise (1:01)
32- Confronting Nute and Rune (0:55)/
33- Yoda's Warning (0:52)/
34- Qui-Gon Jinn's Funeral (1:16)
35- Augie's Great Municipal Band (1:24)/
36- End Credits (8:11)
37- Duel Of The Fates (Dialogue Version) (4:19)
38- Escape From Naboo (Alternate) (2:08)
39- The Sith Spacecraft (No Whispers) (1:07)
40- The Sith Spacecraft (Unused Ending) (0:21)
41- Anakin Defeats Sebulba (Alternate) (1:54)
42- High Council Meeting (Alternate Opening) (2:20)
43- Anakin Is Tested (Partial Alternate) (0:12)
44- The Gungan Army (Precussion and Film Version) (1:08)
45- Battleship Destroyed (Alternate) (1:27)

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