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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Trek: Nemesis (Jerry Goldsmith)

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A very under-rated score
• Posted by: Pudgy
• Date: Thursday, December 7, 2006, at 8:15 a.m.
• IP Address:

Star Trek Nemesis the latest installment of the Star Trek films is probably one of the most under-rated films for Star Trek. Not only do I think the film itself is under-rated so is the score. Jerry Goldsmith's score for this is truely awesome, pure simple Star Trek goodness. Grant the original soundtrack album does not include the best cues from the film such as the music that plays when the Enterprise and the Scimitar are battling it out in the rift. However it is still nice to listen to. For me it took quite a few listenings to really get into the score with the original soundtrack when I first heard it. This score had the typical synth sounds that Goldsmith favored for a lot of his scores but they aren't totally jarring at all.

Once I learned that the nearly complete score (there are virtually two tracks missing) was leaked I instantly had to get it because as I stated above a lot of great cues were missing from the set. This set included the music that played when the Enterprise and the Scimitar battle it out in the refit. It also includes the "Battle Stations" music. Having this (unoffical) complete score rocks and helps the listening experience tremendously. The sound quality for this even kicks ass. This is definitely my second favorite Star Trek score now that I have the nearly complete score. O

Oh one thing I should point out one cue on the OST that was labeled as "Repairs" was hugely mis-labeled and should have been "Arrival At Romulus" which I have renamed for my set.

Disc I
01- Main Title (Remus) (1:59)
02- The Box (2:20)
03- My Right Arm (1:01)
04- The Enterprise-E Flyover (0:32)
05- Positronic Signal (1:25)
06- The Argo (1:16)
07- Odds and Ends (4:34)
08- Brothers (1:00)
09- To Romulus (1:07)
10- Arrival At Romulus (6:24)
11- Shinzon Revealed - The Knife (3:05)
12- The Senate Has Doubts (0:34)
13- Donatra and Shinzon (1:26)
14- Shinzon's Story (Alternate) (1:29)
15- Ideals (2:12)
16- Thaleron Discovery (0:54)
17- We're Wasting Time (0:43)
18- Shinzon's Violation (0:50)
19- B-4 Beams To The Scimitar (0:45)
20- Capturing Picard (1:23)

Disc II
01- The Mirror (5:20)
02- The Scorpion (2:21)
03- Sins (1:01)
04- De-Activating B-4 (1:37)
05- Preparing For Battle (2:39)
06- The Battle Begins (2:21)
07- Meeting In The Ready Room (0:21)
08- Our True Nature (1:30)
09- Team Work (2:47)
10- Lateral Run (3:52)
11- Hull Breach (0:19)
12- Engage (2:08)
13- Full Reverse (1:40)
14- Thaleron Deployment (2:53)
15- The Corridor (0:32)
16- Final Flight (3:44)
17- Good-bye! (0:53)
18- A New Friend (2:33)
19- Remembering Data - Repairs (0:49)
20- Riker's Farewell (0:35)
21- A New Ending - End Credits (6:05)

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