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Comments about the soundtrack for Titanic (James Horner)

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So much more music in the film than on the soundtracks!
• Posted by: Adam Stolfo   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Sunday, July 16, 2006, at 6:47 p.m.
• IP Address:

Has anyone else noticed how both of the film's soundtracks still only represent a small portion of what ultimately turns up in the film? In fact the soundtracks feature a lot of music ultimately cut from the film as well. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have this material - I only wish we could hear some more of the cues heard in the film itself.

This run down will give you some idea of what I'm talking about:


NEVER AN ABSOLUTION - Well, all the Irish pipes were removed from the final score altogether, so the first part of this track isn't used anywhere in the film. And the second part is only used at the very end of the film (twice).

DISTANT MEMORIES - Portions of this track were used (during the scenes with Old Rose and Brock communicating at the start) but ultimately this track was most promently used during the alternate ending on the new DVD.

SOUTHAMPTON - Used (although largely edited) during the scenes at Southampton and also in parts during the "I'm the King of the World" scene.

ROSE - Used during the famous "I'm flying" scene at the Titanic's bow. Notice though, that the electronic choir has been removed from the final mix in the film itself?

LEAVING PORT - Not used in the film at all. In the actual leaving port scene, sections of "Southampton" are used instead.

TAKE HER TO SEA, MR.MURDOCH - Used, but edited in the final version. It also seems like they've used a different take in the film version - listen to the end of the end credits to hear the film version.

HARD TO STARBOARD - Used but edited in the final film version. Also appears to be used again in a sinking sequence much later on.

UNABLE TO STAY, UNWILLING TO LEAVE - Used twice in the film, but (as mentioned above) the pipes have been removed ahd the synthesizers have been increased dramatically for, funnily enough, dramatic purposes.

THE SINKING - Only about half of this track makes it into the final cut. The first 10-15 seconds play out immediately after Capatin Smith's demise before being replaced by "A Building Panic".

DEATH OF TITANIC - Used, but like most cues, heavily edited in the final version - and mixed quite low from memory.

A PROMISE KEPT - Now this one's interesting. Parts of it are played - but all over the place. Some of it is played in the scene it's intended for, but it's also featued much earlier in the film,in the scene where Rose attempts to commit suicide.

A LIFE SO CHANGED - See "Never An Absolution" above as it's essentially the same track without the pipes intro.

AN OCEAN OF MEMORIES - Only a few seconds of this track makes it into the final cut. A big omission.

HYMN TO THE SEA - Apparently composed by Horner for the end credits, but overlooked an unused in favour of some more upbeat score as well as Celine Dion's song.


THE PORTRAIT - This is the theme, yes, but it's a different take (maybe even a demo) than the one used in the final film.

JACK DAWSON'S LUCK - I'm confused. This isn't the Irish music used in the scene of Jack and Fabrizio running to catch the ship on time. What the hell is this???

A BUILDING PANIC - This track should of been on the original soundtrack. Probably the highlight of the entire score for me - but, like a lot of the tracks, is only used in parts (and is heavily edited) in the final film. Parts of the first half (and the middle) of this 8 1/2 minute track are used, especially the famous 'Dome Imploding' scene, but the 2nd half is not used at all.

LAMENT - Unused cue.


Now, most importantly what I want to know is where is all the rest of the music? What about the music used in Jack's Death (and the opening titles)? What about the dramatic cue when Rose slips on the ship's stern after Jack talks her out of jumping? There's a nice tension building cue that plays after Cal threatens to rip up Jack's drawing... and a lot of music no where to be seen during the dramatic lowering of the lifeboats - very drum heavy cues. Oh, and there's also some great music during the scenes of Brock searching for the neckless at the very beginning of the film.

If only there was a way to hear these cues...

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