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Comments about the soundtrack for Titanic (James Horner)
I love the score but hate the soundtrack

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H. Nameer
I love the score but hate the soundtrack   Sunday, October 30, 2005 (1:07 a.m.) 

I remember buying the score in spring of 1998, a few months after watching the film. I thought the soundtrack kicked ass because it had James Horner's seductive score. The movie came out on video that fall. That's when I started to dislike the soundtrack. It's not that the music is bad, but like every soundtrack, it's too incomplete. What's worse, the music in the album is different from the way it's presented on film. To begin with, the album doesn't have the music used as the main title originally recorded for the scene when Rose realized Jack was dead. I love that music piece. Second, the whole underwater sequence in the beginning is missing. The "Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch" track is remixed for the film with the beginning of "Southampton." I love that mix, and it's actually an alternate recording. You can tell more clearly at the end credits. It sounds better the way it came out on film. Why couldn't they release that? The piano motif used when Jack first sees Rose is beautiful, and missing. I also like the short heroic piece as Jack brings Rose over the railing when he saves her, which is also missing. The next cue I wish I could have is the alternate recording of "Rose." In the film, it starts with piano only, then with flutes. Then Sissel actually sings over the track, making it sound even more beautiful. Have you guys noticed that? The highly synthesized cue to the scene when Rose asks Jack to put his hands on her and then cuts to the the ship far into the sea is also one of my favorites. Another cue I really like is the one when Rose sings as she looks at the stars. It's a creepy cue that actually sounds like an ocean of memories, so to speak. Another cue I love is when Rose says her name is Rose Dawson. So much music! When will they let us have the whole score? Sony should at least give us a soundtrack with the same treatment as it gave The Phantom Menace in the "ulimate edition" version. Who's with me?

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H. Nameer
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Re: I love the score but hate the soundtrack   Saturday, November 3, 2007 (3:34 p.m.) 

I totally agree with you. I'm looking for the alternative version of "Rose." I'm so angry with James Horner because he didn't release it on the soundtrack. It starts with a haunting piano theme and goes to the mainstream rose/my heart will go on theme.... but just the beginning is worth millions of dollars for me. I'm dying to get that....

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