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    Christian Kühn

            Messages Posted: 3
            Most Recent Post: Tuesday, November 1, 2005, at 3:24 a.m.

'ello, I'm Kühni. Or CK. I don't usually react to my first name. wink

I'm approaching my mid-30s (wah!). I'm a volcanologist, always wanted to be one since I saw a documentary about volcanoes on Hawaii at the age of 8. Went to and completed high school in order to study geology. Went and completed my undergrad in geology in order to do grad school. Went and completed grad school in Canada. I now have a PhD and am, naturally, unable to find employ in my field of studies. Therefore, I'm doing something completely unrelated so as to be able to pay for general life stuff.

And soundtracks.

I can be found listening to film music almost any hour of the day, usually singing along, improvising counterpoint lines and/or vigorously air-conducting. Photographic proof of this exists and is sometimes shared in less lucid moments.

I'm homo, but not sexual.

I'm from Bavaria (you know, the part of Germany that Yanks think *is* Germany), which explains many things about me. Sadly, I'm not fluent in the local dialect. Fond of the food and landscape of this part of the country, not so much the people. Canada was better in that regard. Perhaps I'll be able to return there one day.

Favourite Score (since December 2001) is The Fellowship of the Ring. I regard Shore's LotR Trilogy (and to a lesser degree, its prependix, the Hobbit Trilogy) to be the pinnacle of this artform. Photographic proof is provided below. I'm further partial to the music of Joe Hisaishi, Patrick Doyle, Jerry Goldsmith and Christopher Franke's Babylon 5. I used to collect autographs...and I must assume that upon receiving my requests, both Maurice Jarre and James Horner met their demises. frown

Other things I value highly: Intellectual people that look good being intellectual; tea in all variations (other than spice teas/mate); honey (buckwheat honey being an exception); and as of this year, doing long-ass bike tour (in excess of 3,000 km).

I've met and/or conversed with a number of you folks, for which I thank and pity you. wink

Outside of film music, I'm very fond of Russian choral music and have sung for many years in Russian and Ukrainian choirs. I'm a tenor.

What else? Perhaps I'll add more stuff if and when I come up with something.

Oh yeah, also fond of church bells. They have the power to make me tear up.

My dead fish also have formidable powers.

Ta & tata!

PS: The profile pic below is for the benefit of the Ze Gayz™! big grin

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