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The Filmtracks Composer Photo Albums

Since the days before even its official creation, Filmtracks has maintained tributes to the most successful contemporary composers. Through the first thirteen years of the site, these tributes were limited to either the most popular composers in the industry or those whose work Filmtracks wished to specifically support. In 2009, the tributes were automated so that at least a basic page could exist for all active, major composers, even if a wealth of information was not published for that composer.

The most extensive tributes contain editorial summaries of the composer's career, a biography, a filmography (containing only scores for full-length productions on the big or small screen; no television series, video games, or concerts are included), editorial recommendations of the composer's must-have scores, several quotes from the composer, and up to three pictures. The most basic composer pages include one picture, year of birth (and death, if applicable), and links to each of that composer's reviews at Filmtracks.

All tributes automatically provide data on which of the composer's scores (if any) exist in the top 100 lists of Filmtracks' traffic and viewer ratings averages. This information, as well as the statistics listed in the filmographies and review lists, is updated once per day (or immediately upon the addition of new reviews). To qualify for a basic page at Filmtracks, a composer must have been active in the Digital Age of film music (starting in the late-1980's) and have several works reviewed at the site.

Note: Although the format of all the tributes changed significantly in 2009, the static content (summaries and biographies) of the previously existing tributes was not updated at that time. That material dates to the last round of tribute updates in 2003.

(see legend below for information on abbreviations and codes)
RT FRVRVTCT DatesAvailable Information
Craig Armstrong1959-113.733.3444,29428706/09
David Arnold1962-153.333.342,76350809/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Klaus Badelt1968-1133.16101,1512,48706/09
John Barry1933-2011273.853.4825,3198507/98 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQEXP
Marco Beltrami1966-222.732.7915,92525106/09
Elmer Bernstein1922-2004183.253.139,7074708/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLM
Bruce Broughton1945-103.33.173,7102306/09
Carter Burwell1955-192.842.7210,13115306/09
Mychael Danna1958-123.332.963,9912906/09
Don Davis1957-103.22.9843,5931,05806/09
John Debney1956-493.232.9743,78989410/99 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQEXP
Alexandre Desplat1961-233.33.1412,05617807/09
Patrick Doyle1953-273.813.3820,78738707/98 - 06/09SUMBIOFLM
Randy Edelman1947-183.063.1727,55517309/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLM
Cliff Eidelman1964-173.293.157,9053407/01 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Danny Elfman1953-653.23.25118,8361,68405/97 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQEXP
George Fenton1950-143.643.3916,01611706/09
Michael Giacchino1967-223.353.1913,39420406/09
Elliot Goldenthal1954-163.133.0715,60055507/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQ
Jerry Goldsmith1929-20041133.263.26138,49992109/96 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQEXP
Harry Gregson-Williams1961-322.943.0150,72895106/09
Lee Holdridge1944-133.753.356,91414608/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
James Horner1953-983.133.19187,8992,48911/95 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQEXP
James Newton Howard1951-563.353.3462,0601,36112/00 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Mark Isham1951-212.92.858,2755006/09
Trevor Jones1949-183.783.4324,49814509/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Michael Kamen1948-2003143.143.2132,99222506/09
Mark Mancina1957-123.083.018,9668806/09
Dario Marianelli1963-93.673.314,79018406/09
Mark McKenzie1957-93.783.373,163501/00 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Joel McNeely1959-163.313.047,5414406/09
Alan Menken1949-113.453.5156,79512606/09
Ennio Morricone1928-833.298,1516906/09
David Newman1954-123.173.2618,7418006/09
Randy Newman1943-183.063.0421,26813006/09REC
Thomas Newman1955-293.173.1154,27151107/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
John Ottman1964-343.152.9618,75942408/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Basil Poledouris1945-2006333.473.2233,62236607/98 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Rachel Portman1960-283.263.2125,67614707/98 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
John Powell1963-403.13.0345,17355906/09
Trevor Rabin1954-122.52.6112,88717806/09
Graeme Revell1955-192.742.7215,55828806/09
Marc Shaiman1959-83.133.0218,3528906/09
Howard Shore1946-253.563.2695,4433,09506/09
Alan Silvestri1950-333.363.2431,64753708/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Brian Tyler1972-263.283.0613,56825106/09
Stephen Warbeck1953-73.293.239,0093606/09
John Williams1932-693.743.59337,5244,82609/96 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQEXP
Gabriel Yared1949-103.113.2718,22849106/09
Christopher Young1957-243.382.988,28517009/03 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMREC
Hans Zimmer1957-892.983266,3266,38905/97 - 06/09SUMBIOFLMRECEXQEXP

Reviews: RT - Review Total (the number of reviews of that composer's works at Filmtracks)
Ratings: FR - Filmtracks Rating (average of all ratings for that composer's reviews)
VR - Viewer Rating (average of all Filmtracks readers' ratings for that composer's scores)
VT - Vote Total (sum of all reader votes cast for each composer's scores)
Comments: CT - indicates the sum of all messages posted in response to the reviews of that composer's music
Dates: 1st - indicates the month and year during which the tribute (or basic page) was first published
2nd - indicates the month and year of the most recent significant revision (if any) to the tribute (or basic page)
Extras: SUM - Editorial summary of that composer's career
BIO - Biography for the composer
FLM - Filmography of the composer's feature motion picture scores
REC - Additional editorial recommendations
EXQ - Additional quotes by the composer
EXP - Additional pictures of the composer

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