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Anna Karenina
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Composed, Co-Orchestrated, and Produced by:

Co-Orchestrated and Conducted by:
Benjamin Wallfisch
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Decca Records
(November 13th, 2012)
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Regular commercial release, with different cover art internationally.
Nominated for a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award.
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Buy it... if you noted the superior combination of Russian folk and classical waltz techniques in the context of the film and have less interest in hearing Dario Marianelli's faintly functional romance writing.

Avoid it... if you expect your heart to be moved by the melodrama of this tragic tale of societal asininity, the lack of depth in the romantic element of the music causing this score to rotate between grim, cold undertones and source-like applications.
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WRITTEN 3/31/13
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Anna Karenina: (Dario Marianelli) The tragedy in Leo Tolstoy's 1877 novel is not the death that highlights its later parts, but the fact that humans have behaved in such insipidly stupid ways throughout their reign on this planet. With ridiculous societal mores and a total lack of personal self-control on display in a historical romance such as the one that exists here, it only makes you wish that more characters had killed themselves earlier in the plot. The 2012 adaptation of the classic tale of Russian high society comes from director Joe Wright and Working Title Films, who, along with lead actress Keira Knightley, developed the popular historical dramas Pride & Prejudice and Atonement in the 2000's. While Anna Karenina was always a depressing topic, Wright emphasizes the cheap romance novel aspects of the tale rather than truly tackling enough of the larger civil rights issues involved. Knightley, as the titular Russian socialite Anna, can't decide whether to dedicate her affections to the statesman who is her husband or the younger cavalry officer who sweeps her off her feet, yielding an entire story of bad timing, hurt feelings, and emotional breakdowns that makes you want to slap every character upside the face with a large fish. Repeatedly. Critics and audiences must have agreed to some extent, for Anna Karenina did not become the arthouse success of its predecessors despite continued love from awards bodies. That recognition extended from Knightley's heralded performance to the challenging score by Italian composer Dario Marianelli. A veteran of the historical drama genre and Wright's earlier successes, Marianelli has made a career out of writing music that bridges the realm of historical anguish and modern sensibilities, led by his immense achievement for Agora in 2009. His more traditional period scores for the Wright films are where he has earned his gold, however, and while he proves himself capable of generating very effective source-like music for such assignments, they have become increasingly difficult to find accessible for modern ears. Such troubles especially apply to Anna Karenina, which is clearly more tailored to its story's time and location than similar scores from Marianelli. The stage on which Anna Karenina is conveyed forced him to treat the topic with even more attention to historical detail in the music, demanding a combination of Russian folk and classical waltz techniques that result in one of the composer's less accessible works despite serving the film well enough to be deemed a success. Regardless of the composer's keen ability to merge these genres of music,, Anna Karenina is a very flawed score when you evaluate it through the lens of tortured romance.

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Average: 3.13 Stars
***** 33 5 Stars
**** 43 4 Stars
*** 38 3 Stars
** 32 2 Stars
* 27 1 Stars
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Weird rating.
Bernardo - April 11, 2013, at 3:12 a.m.
1 comment  (708 views)

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Audio Samples   ▼
Total Time: 55:15
• 1. Overture (3:20)
• 2. Clerks (1:06)
• 3. She is of the Heavens (2:00)
• 4. Anna Marches Into a Waltz (0:58)
• 5. Beyond the Stage (1:24)
• 6. Kitty's Debut (2:36)
• 7. Dance With Me (4:22)
• 8. The Girl and the Birch (1:01)
• 9. Unavoidable (1:42)
• 10. Can-Can (2:01)
• 11. I Don't Want You to Go (4:58)
• 12. Time For Bed (1:04)
• 13. Too Late (2:02)
• 14. Someone is Watching (1:27)
• 15. Lost in a Maze (2:10)
• 16. Leaving Home and Coming Home (2:04)
• 17. Masha's Song (1:36)
• 18. A Birthday Present (4:18)
• 19. At the Opera (1:27)
• 20. I Know How to Make You Sleep (2:27)
• 21. Anna's Last Train (3:53)
• 22. I Understood Something (3:19)
• 23. Curtain (1:53)
• 24. Seriously (2:07)

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The insert includes a note from the composer about the score.
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