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Section Header
The Interpreter
Composed, Co-Orchestrated, and Co-Produced by:
James Newton Howard

Conducted and Co-Orchestrated by:
Pete Anthony

Co-Produced by:
Jim Weidman
James T. Hill

Co-Orchestrated by:
Jeff Atmajian
Brad Dechter

Performed by:
The Hollywood Studio Symphony

Vocal Solos by:
Kirsten Braten Berg

Varèse Sarabande

Release Date:
April 19th, 2005

Also See:
The Fugitive
Devil's Advocate
The Sixth Sense

Audio Clips:
6. Drowning Man Trail (0:32):
WMA (206K)  MP3 (258K)
Real Audio (160K)

9. Simon's Journals (0:32):
WMA (206K)  MP3 (259K)
Real Audio (161K)

12. Zuwanie Arrival at U.N. (0:30):
WMA (195K)  MP3 (242K)
Real Audio (150K)

14. End Credits (0:29):
WMA (188K)  MP3 (235K)
Real Audio (146K)

Regular U.S. release.


The Interpreter


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