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Ocean's Eleven
Album Cover Art
2001 Warner
2002 Warner Promo
Album 2 Cover Art
Composed, Arranged, and Produced by:
David Holmes
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Warner Brothers Records
(December 4th, 2001)

(January, 2002)
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The 2001 album is a regular U.S. release. The early 2002 score-only album was a pressed, "For Your Consideration" CD distributed by Warner Brothers.
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Buy it... if you groove to the hip and cool, retro style of 1970's funk and jazz, a distinctive sound that David Holmes resurrected very effectively for this equally suave production.

Avoid it... if you're expecting to hear a retail album that emphasizes Holmes' original score, because the product is so thoroughly dominated by dialogue and the source songs heard in the film that the score is significantly obscured.
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WRITTEN 10/12/09
Ocean's Eleven: (David Holmes) If anyone had any doubt about whether the likable 1960 crime caper Ocean's Eleven could be remade with the same sense of humor and character appeal in the context of the 2000's, director Steven Soderbergh answered those concerns with a remake so well executed that it led to multiple sequels later in the decade. There really isn't much depth to the premise of Ocean's Eleven; a master thief of high sophistication and devious creativity assembles a group of other thieves, most with a very unique specialty in the trade, to rob one of the most impenetrable vaults in Las Vegas, one that happens to be owned by a mafia strongman who is dating the criminal's former wife. The actual preparation for and completion of the heist are not really the point of the film. Rather, the personalities of the men involved, and their interaction with each other, is the focus of Ocean's Eleven. A stellar cast of big names is key to the success of this film, anchored by George Clooney in one of his most suave and surprisingly engrossing roles. The concept flips the usual definitions of good and evil and so thoroughly endears viewers to the quirky but professional thieves that you can't help but like the personality of the production. With the throwback style of storytelling and visuals firmly resurrecting memories of the original film, Soderbergh sought to insert a musical ambience equally retro in tone. His use of licensed songs in Ocean's Eleven is part of its appeal, though for the original score, he turned to Irish DJ and mixing master David Holmes, with whom he had collaborated successfully for Out of Sight in 1998 and whose name in the 2000's film score scene was associated almost completely with precisely this form of retro funk and jazz. Between his efforts in the Analyze This and Ocean's Eleven franchises, his voice in the industry was largely unique during the 2000's. He single-handedly rejuvenated the style of music provided by Quincy Jones and others readily in the 1970's, and he applied it to smart comedies with no effort to modernize its sound in any form. That technique restricted his name to an exact stereotype that gained him more interest from the mainstream population than film score collectors, however. That said, there is no doubt that Holmes' resurrection of the most hip sounds of the 1970's functions perfectly for the similarly cool atmosphere of Ocean's Eleven.

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Average: 2.85 Stars
***** 16 5 Stars
**** 22 4 Stars
*** 29 3 Stars
** 25 2 Stars
* 23 1 Stars
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Track Listings Icon
Audio Samples   ▼
2001 Warner Brothers Album Tracks   ▼Total Time: 51:54
• 1. Theme for Young Lovers - performed by The Percy Faith Orchestra (1:01)
• 2. Boobytrapping (2:32)
• 3. The Projects (PJays) - performed by Handsome Boy Modelling School, Trugoy De La Soul, and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (4:12)
• 4. The Plans (1:24)
• 5. Papa Loves Mambo - performed by Perry Como (2:37)
• 6. Ruben's In (3:05)
• 7. Lyman Zerga (1:52)
• 8. Caravan - composed by Duke Ellington and performed by Arthur Lyman (2:24)
• 9. Gritty Shaker (3:26)
• 10. Planting the Seed (2:12)
• 11. Pickpockets (1:31)
• 12. A Little Less Conversation - performed by Elvis Presley (1:42)
• 13. Dream, Dream, Dream - performed by The Percy Faith Orchestra (0:12)
• 14. Stealing the Pinch (1:03)
• 15. Blues in the Night - performed by Quincy Jones (3:56)
• 16. Tess (3:21)
• 17. Hookers (1:06)
• 18. $160 Million Chinese Man (4:10)
• 19. 69 Police (4:23)
• 20. Clair de Lune (from "Suite Bergamesque") - composed by Claude Debussy and performed by The Philadelphia Orchestra (5:00)
• 21. A Song for Young Lovers (Reprise) - performed by The Percy Faith Orchestra (0:44)
2002 Warner Brothers Promo Tracks   ▼Total Time: 47:34

Notes Icon
The insert of neither album includes extra information about the score or film.
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