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Star Kid
Album Cover Art
Composed, Conducted, and Produced by:
Nicholas Pike

Performed by:
The Munich Symphony Orchestra

Orchestrated by:
Nicholas Pike
Andrew Kinney
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Sonic Images Records
(January 27th, 1998)
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Regular U.S. release.

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Buy it... if you can appreciate generic, but pleasant orchestral fantasy music for B-rate children's films.

Avoid it... if you tend to overanalyze scores that exist in that purgatory between low budget trash and mainstream Hollywood form.
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WRITTEN 6/30/98, REVISED 4/1/07
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Star Kid: (Nicholas Pike) Indulge your pre-teen boyhood imagination for a moment... You're a nerdy kid who has a crush on a girl at school, your sister picks on you, and the schoolyard bully likes making an example of you. Wouldn't it be great if a spaceship crash landed in the junkyard next to your suburban home and had a cyborg space suit in it that could make you into a comic-book superhero? That's precisely what happens to the boy in Star Kid, a low budget kiddie film written and directed by Manny Coto in early 1998. There's nothing about Star Kid that is truly original; the concept of having a normal person be given supernatural strength and other powers by a costume has been done before, as well as all of the ideas about bullies and girls at school. If this plot were to be made into a truly original film today, they'd have to get Paris Hilton into the suit. But, alas, Star Kid is a PG rated affair and the crotch of the outfit has only a modestly-sized (and strangely fig leaf shaped) cup. When both the aliens that created the suit and their mortal enemies show up in the neighborhood for yet another chapter of their battle, the boy gets to play a pivotal role as victorious protagonist, destined for a popular life of sex, drugs, and, well... reggae, if he wanted to be really interesting. But where would the adventures in a Phase I Assault Cybersuit be if there wasn't some John Williams music to accompany its exploits? In his more modest search for a composer, Coto turned to Nicholas Pike for the orchestral score for Star Kid. Pike's career has consisted mostly of television episode scoring since the early 1990's, with occasional assignments on marginally noteworthy films like Feardotcom and Return to Me. At the time that he signed on to Star Kid, he was a veteran of scoring episodes of "Tales from the Crypt," and it was on one such episode that Pike and Coto first collaborated.

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Average: 2.65 Stars
***** 17 5 Stars
**** 23 4 Stars
*** 39 3 Stars
** 38 2 Stars
* 36 1 Stars
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Audio Samples   ▼
Total Time: 70:42
• 1. Magic Carpet Ride - performed by Edgar Winter (4:22)
• 2. Shadow in the Shade - performed by Theresa Musser (4:20)
• 3. Battle on Trelkas (5:07)
• 4. Another Fun Day at School (1:03)
• 5. Turbo Trouble (4:16)
• 6. The Cybersuite Arrives (6:18)
• 7. Turbo Takes a Spin (3:06)
• 8. In the Fairground (4:37)
• 9. Mom (2:01)
• 10. Rearranging the Kitchen (1:56)
• 11. Broodwarrior Arrives (1:42)
• 12. On the Bridge (4:38)
• 13. Anyone for Tennis (1:29)
• 14. Home Improvement (6:31)
• 15. Joyride to the Junkyard (3:34)
• 16. Cy Runs out of Steam (6:47)
• 17. Trelkins Arrive (2:46)
• 18. Farewell to the Trelkins (2:35)
• 19. Finale (2:42)

Notes Icon
The insert includes a note from director Manny Coto:

"I first worked with Nick [Pike] on Tales From The Crypt. The music he produced for my episode was like something from an original Twilight Zone, a dark and cabalistic concerto that earned him a well-deserved CableAce nomination. Through the years, I'd wanted to work with Nick again. I finally got the chance on Star Kid. What Nick created goes beyond my wildest dreams. The music enhances and elevates the movie, yet stands as its own sparkling symphony. From the quasi-secret-agent ditty as Cy lumbers through the town fair to the sweetly melancholic theme when Spencer and Cy commiserate on an old wooden bridge to the edge-of-your-seat orchestral stampede when the Broodwarrior is pounding Cy into alien splinters, Nick's score is packed with enough great moments for five movies. I'll confess something: every so often, I'll pop my copy of Star Kid into a VCR and fast forward to the end credits so that I can hear the music without all that pesky dialogue and sound effects. I'm not only proud of what Nick has done here, I'm a fan. He is in every way one of the stars of this production, and I can't wait to work with him again. Maybe, with a littIe luck, Nick will choose me to direct the movie that will accompany his next score."
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