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    Craig Richard Lysy

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            Most Recent Post: Tuesday, May 13, 2014, at 1:24 a.m.

Hi, my name is Craig Richard Lysy. I have been with my life partner Segundo since 1994 and we currently reside in North Hills California. I obtained a BS degree in Biology from Michigan State University and currently supervise a cardiopulmonary diagnostics services department at a local hospital. In addition to my passion for music, I enjoy tennis, hiking, my rose garden, traveling and socializing with friends.

The first score I recalled that made an impression was Bernstein's "To Kill a Mockingbird". I was very young and was greatly moved by the tenderness and sadness of the piano in the main title. I began collecting LPs in the 70s and transitioned to CDs in the 80s. I have at present over 2,400 CDs, and my collection has reached 4,850 scores. I am a frequent movie-goer as I wish to first experience the score within the context of the movie for which it was written.

I am a reviewer at Jon Broxton's wonderful Movie Music UK site with a portfolio to review Silver Age, Golden Age, re-recordings and archival release film scores. I have also launched a series call Fathers Of Film Music. I offer biopics for the great composers of the Golden Age, that includes a discussion of compositional style, legacy, awards, filmography and CD recommendations for those that wish to explore their canon. I am also a member of the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA).

I try to find beauty in everything, as such I am able to appreciate and enjoy the efforts of all film score composers. I treasure all musicians as they provide us with beauty. As for my personal favorites, I love Horner as my favorite living composer, as well as Delerue, Rozsa, Steiner and Barry for their melodic sensibilities and ability to evoke deep feelings in me.

I enjoy dialogue with my fellow score collectors as well as socializing with them and hope to meet you some day.

Here is my list of what I believe to be the 100 best film scores of all time. I have arranged them by date as I have just been unable to rank 100 scores! I highly recommend you explore them!

1 No God, No Master Malo, Nuno 2014
2 Romeo And Juliet Korzeniowski, Abel 2013
3 The Greatest Miracle McKenzie, Mark 2011
4 How To Train Your Dragon Powell, John 2010
5 Un Homme Et Son Chien Rombi, Philippe 2009
6 Angel Rombi, Philippe 2007
7 The Promise Badelt, Klaus 2006
8 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Williams, John 2004
9 The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King Shore, Howard 2003
10 The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Shore, Howard 2002
11 The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring Shore, Howard 2001
12 Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Williams, John 2001
13 Dangerous Beauty Fenton, George 1998
14 Titanic Horner, James 1997
15 Independence Day Arnold, David 1996
16 First Knight Goldsmith, Jerry 1995
17 Legends of the Fall Horner, James 1994
18 Forrest Gump Silvestri, Alan 1994
19 Schindlerís List Williams, John 1993
20 A River Runs Through It Isham, Mark 1992
21 Dances With Wolves Barry, John 1990
22 Avalon Newman, Randy 1990
23 Lonesome Dove Poledouris, Basil 1989
24 Cinema Paradiso Morricone, Ennio 1988
25 The Mission Morricone, Ennio 1986
26 Out of Africa Barry, John 1985
27 Silverado Broughton, Bruce 1985
28 Agnes of God Delerue, Georges 1985
29 Once Upon A Time In America Morricone, Ennio 1984
30 The Natural Newman, Randy 1984
31 The Right Stuff Conti, Bill 1983
32 Conan the Barbarian Poledouris, Basil 1982
33 ET: The Extraterrestial Williams, John 1982
34 Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark Williams, John 1981
35 Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back Williams, John 1980
36 Star Trek The Motion Picture Goldsmith, Jerry 1979
37 Superman Williams, John 1978
38 Star Wars IV: A New Hope Williams, John 1977
39 The Omen Goldsmith, Jerry 1976
40 Obsession Herrmann, Bernard 1976
41 Jaws Williams, John 1975
42 Chinatown Goldsmith, Jerry 1974
43 Papillion Goldsmith, Jerry 1973
44 The Godfather Rota, Nino 1972
45 Patton Goldsmith, Jerry 1970
46 Planet Of The Apes Goldsmith, Jerry 1968
47 Once Upon A Time In The West Morricone, Ennio 1968
48 Dr. Zhivago Jarre, Maurice 1965
49 The Greatest Story Ever Told Newman, Alfred 1965
50 The Pink Panther Mancini, Henry 1964
51 The Fall Of The Roman Empire Tiomkin, Dimitri 1964
52 How The West Was Won Newman, Alfred 1963
53 To Kill a Mockingbird Bernstein, Elmer 1962
54 Lawrence of Arabia Jarre, Maurice 1962
55 West Side Story Bernstein, Leonard 1961
56 Breakfast At Tiffany's Mancini, Henry 1961
57 El Cid Rozsa, Miklos 1961
58 The Magnificent Seven Bernstein, Elmer 1960
59 Psycho Herrmann, Bernard 1960
60 Spartacus North, Alex 1960
61 The Alamo Tiomkin, Dimitri 1960
62 North by Northwest Herrmann, Bernard 1959
63 Ben Hur: A Tale Of The Christ Rozsa, Miklos 1959
64 Vertigo Herrmann, Bernard 1958
65 The Big Country Moross, Jerome 1958
66 Raintree Country Greenwood, Johnny 1957
67 The Ten Commandments Bernstein, Elmer 1956
68 Around the World in 80 Days Young, Victor 1956
69 The Man With The Golden Arm Bernstein, Elmer 1955
70 On The Waterfront Bernstein, Leonard 1954
71 The Robe Newman, Alfred 1953
72 Shane Young, Victor 1953
73 The Bad And The Beautiful Raksin, David 1952
74 High Noon Tiomkin, Dimitri 1952
75 A Street Car Named Desire North, Alex 1951
76 Death Of A Salesman North, Alex 1951
77 A Place In The Sun Waxman, Franz 1951
78 Sunset Boulevard Waxman, Franz 1950
79 The Red Pony Copland, Aaron 1948
80 The Treasure Of Sierra Madre Steiner, Max 1948
81 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Herrmann, Bernard 1947
82 Captain From Castile Newman, Alfred 1947
83 Forever Amber Raksin, David 1947
84 The Best Years Of Our Lives Friedhofer, Hugo 1946
85 Red River Tiomkin, Dimitri 1946
86 Spellbound Rozsa, Miklos 1945
87 Laura Raksin, David 1944
88 Since You Went Away Steiner, Max 1944
89 The Song Of Bernadette Newman, Alfred 1943
90 Casablanca Steiner, Max 1943
91 Kings Row Korngold, Erich Wolfgang 1942
92 Now Voyager Steiner, Max 1942
93 Citizen Kane Herrmann, Bernard 1941
94 The Devil and Daniel Webster Herrmann, Bernard 1941
95 The Sea Hawk Korngold, Erich Wolfgang 1940
96 The Thief Of Bagdad Rozsa, Miklos 1940
97 Gone With The Wind Steiner, Max 1939
98 The Adventures Of Robin Hood Korngold, Erich Wolfgang 1938
99 King Kong Steiner, Max 1933
100 Alexandre Nevsky Prokofiev, Serge 1924

All the best.

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