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Comments about the soundtrack for An American Tail (James Horner)
This Soundtrack Causes Spiritual And Moral Degeneration

The Sowers of Seed

  Responses to this Comment:
This Soundtrack Causes Spiritual And Moral Degeneration   Monday, September 14, 2009 (3:14 p.m.) 

We are told by the preachers that we must look and sound like the world in order to reach the majority of this generation. They say, many young people will not listen to the classical music or come to church so we must meet them on some common ground. That common ground is movie music. In other words, they are saying that preaching of the Word of God is no longer sufficient for both young and old. If this is true, then we should open bars in order to reach the multitudes of drinkers. We should open porno-shops in order to reach those who engage in smut. Shouldn't we go to their level so we can bring them to the Lord Jesus Christ? So what if we do evil if the end result is good? What's a little compromise with God's standards of holiness and separation if it results in souls being saved?... This type of reasoning is one of the doctrines of demons that Christians are accepting. Does it not make sense that the same Bible that has worked sucessfully to this time, will continue to work for both the young and the old? How many Christians love God's people enough to say, "no more! Throw this satanic filth out of the church and back into hell where it belongs"? Do you realize that just 10 years ago this evil music would not have even remotely been considered as a suitable method to sing and praise God. That type of music would have been immediately thrown out of the churches. What we are witnessing today is the spiritual and moral degeneration that is affecting Christians to the degree that many no longer have any discernment between good and evil.

Music has two purposes:

1. To worship and glorify God.
2. To edify and build up Christians.

Our prayer is that God would lead you out of the mud and filth of movie soundtracks and into a deeper walk with Himself through Jesus Christ our Lord. If you sincerely love The Savior Jesus Christ and you are involved with this music from films, then obey the Lord and forsake this unclean thing.

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  In Response to:
The Sowers of Seed
Re: This Soundtrack Causes Spiritual And Moral Degeneration   Monday, September 14, 2009 (7:11 p.m.) 

LOL. Thanks, I needed a laugh.

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  In Response to:
The Sowers of Seed
Re: This Soundtrack Causes Spiritual And Moral Degeneration   Wednesday, March 9, 2011 (3:17 p.m.) 

Strangely hilarious, because this couldn't be any more out of place. Also, aren't you sinking to "our level" to comment on a movie soundtrack site - clearly a terrible place of sin and villainy - to reach the listeners of this so-called ungodly thing called "music"? Isn't that exactly what you said you SHOULDN'T do because it's demon doctrine?

Music apparently has more than two purposes, by the way. It heals, it uplifts, it honors, it brings peace. And if God truly gave music to the world and loves all his children, then clearly he gave us that which would make his children, and thereby him, the happiest.

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