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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (John Williams)

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Re: Words of a real fan
• Posted by: roberto   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2002, at 10:42 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Words of a real fan (Andy F)

Attack of the Clones was a very good
't even be allowed to review the
> movie. Some

> I'm so frigging sick of hearing about how Attack of the Clones is a great
> movie. Not just average, not just good, but GREAT. Please stop kidding
> yourselves, it's not. I've seen it three times, enough to thoroughly soak
> it in. I've enjoyed it each time, but it's in no way a good example of the
> filmmaking technique. Watch the first trilogy, especially ESB to get a
> feel for real character interaction and development. Those are great,
> great movies. Attack of the Clones, while entertaining and generally
> harmless, pales in comparison. So much of the dialogue is devoted to
> exposition and plot development while character interactions were placed
> in the background. Wouldn't you like to know more about the master Jedi
> who will be killed in the next film? What about the Lars family on
> Tatooine? Don't these people talk to each other?!?!?! The only major
> character development scenes of the film involved Anakin-Obi-Wan and
> Anakin-Padme. Unfortunately, these were either cut to short or mishandled
> by Lucas and Hales. The dialogue in a lot of scenes was just plain wooden.
> In addition, like TPM, the film lacked something necessary to a Star Wars
> film, a clear-cut villain. Christopher Lee is great, but the Dooku
> character is painfully underdeveloped, we know so little about him. I've
> read the early draft of the screenplay which fleshed out aspects of his
> past that would have made his character so much more interesting. All we
> have in the film is a bad guy who limp-wristedly shoots lightning at our
> heroes. Not bad, but it could have been more. Even though the fan boys
> lurking on this board will already roast me at the stake for what I've
> said, I will take a moment to highlight some of the film's better
> qualities:
Acting: Not as bad as most say, Lucas is a fine director,
> he just needs to write dialogue that develops the characters as well as
> advances the story. I really enjoyed Hayden has Anakin, especially his
> scenes of anger, powerful stuff. Notice how stifled he got when cut-off by
> Amidala in the Naboo palace, or his loss of temper with Zam Wessell? This
> was excellent, but limited, character development. Natalie was much more
> animated than in the last film; her performance was good, but not
> excellent, not igniting like Carrie Fisher in the first 2 films. Ewan
> Macgregor was flawless, perfectly capturing the sage-like, no-nonsense
> attitude of Obi-Wan, he carries the film. The various other actors do well
> with what they're given, but since they're given little, we can't see
> their characters grow beyond the two dimensional roles of
> say...manipulative Chancellor or mysterious bounty hunter.
> Absolutely wonderful...when it wasn't hacked to pieces in the editing
> room. The breathtaking action piece on the Conveyer Belt was butchered,
> why did Lucas put Yoda's theme in that section of the film?! Stupid. I can
> understand his precedent for tracking on battle music from TPM into the
> arena and land battles; it was done before at spots in the original
> trilogy. However, itís an insult to John Williams to ask him to compose a
> good 20 minutes of score and then replace it with older music or silence.
Special Effects: Flawless, enough said.

> To conclude this analysis of the film and the reaction from the legions of
> people who rave about it, get a grip on yourselves. This film, in terms of
> quality, lags behind recent science fiction films like Dark City, Twelve
> Monkeys, or even the Iron Giant. Those films took a dynamic approach
> towards developing their characters and contain much better dialogue. Even
> look at previous Lucas projects like the Indiana Jones films or more
> importantly, the Star Wars films that he brought outside writers to work
> on such as Lawrence Kasdan. I appreciate George Lucas as a visionary and
> even a decent director, but his writing skills beyond constructing a basic
> story are poor at best. I love that critics are getting hate mail and
> death threats for having the audacity to question the quality of Lucas'
> work. How insecure are Star Wars fans?! Instead of berating these people
> or denying what they have to say, perhaps think about their points. I love
> Star Wars and wish I could have seen the first trilogy back in the
> 70s-80s. But honestly, Attack of the Clones amounts to very little beyond
> typical Hollywood fare. It is not the second coming of Christ and it is
> certainly not a great film. It is hard pressed to be called a good film.
> When a man spends 120 million dollars on a film, would you think he'd have
> the sense to hire a writer to make punch up the dialogue and give the
> characters some added dimension? Wouldn't making a film that is both
> entertaining and strong cinema be an added bonus?! Yes Lucas says critics
> have never liked Star Wars, and it doesn't matter. People, including
> myself, will go to the theater in droves; but letís at least recognize it
> for what it is, and not delusionally build up the experience.

I respect and agree with a few things stated above. I have seen the movie seven times (I loved it), and the last three or four times I looked closely at the details: love story and dialogue, music, etc. Here are the things I can remember which I didn't like or could have been better:

- Obi-Wan's attempt for humor, when he says: "Oh, yes... (and laughs)" in the elevator with Anakin. It sounded too fake. Besides that, I completely loved Ewan's performance.

- Yoda: "Seeing you alive brings warm feelings to my heart." Sounds a little stupid (just my opinion). But then Padme asks "Do you have any idea who's behind this attacks?" . Maybe she should have been more polite and saying "Thank you for concern, Master Yoda" or something like that would have been nice.

- Jimmy Smith didn't get to do practically anything in the movie.

- Jar Jar expresses how happy he is to see Anakin, but Anakin talks about Padme.

- When Obi-Wan meets Boba and Jango Fett: Ewan's performance was good. Temuera and Logan's performances, not quite the same. (Maybe I am being very picky at this point?)

- Picnic scene was ok, but could have been a little better I believe. When Anakin falls from the Shaak: a bit too corny, but I guess it's a love scene after all.

- The scene after dinner, when Anakin and Padme are in that dark room: dialogue is a little weird but not bad. The tone is different from the love story between Leia and Han. That doesn't mean it is a bad love story. Some people think it was too short and rushed. Other people think the love story was too long. I thought it was about right. Besides, I wouldn't want them to talk exactly like Han and Leia. And this is Hayden's first big movie. He did pretty good.

- Anakin's nightmare: not necessary. I would have cut it off the movie.

- Asteroid field sequence: doesn't add much to the storyline. To me, it doesn't matter much that Jango and Boba think they killed Obi-Wan. When they left Kamino, they didn't know they were being tracked, so they thought Obi-Wan did not know where they were going anyway.

- Beru and Owen don't talk much, but I guess we will get to know more of them in the next film. We have to, because we never get to know them well in Episode IV either.

- We never really know why the Viceroy wanted to kill Padme. She was against the creation of a Republic Army, which is actually good for the separatists... Hopefully we will know why in Episode III.

- Dooku's first line, when he sees Obi-Wan: "Oh no, they've gone too far, this is madness...". I know it was supposed to be sarcastic, but it sounded awful.

- Some of 3PO's jokes during the battle: "Die Jedi dogs!", "Excuse me, I am trapped and can't get up". Too many jokes during the battle, and how can a droid have dreams?

- I hope they explain why R2D2 never flies in the other Star Wars episodes. That was cool in Ep. 2, though.

- Anakin's battle with two light sabers was too short.

- Yoda jumps around a bit too much, for his age. But the sequence was pretty cool.

- Soundtrack from Episode I during battle. I noticed this right away, the first time I watched Ep. 2. I was really dissapointed about this.

- The use of the droid army theme when the clone army is introduced in Kamino, when Obi-Wan is watching.

Despite these few details, I really LOVED this movie (that's why I have seen it so many times). To me it is the best Star Wars so far. After that, this is the order in which I like them: V, VI, I, IV. I like episodes V and VI almost the same. They have the best drama. Episodes II, VI, and I have the best action. Episode IV is ok, but, after seeing the other episodes, it feels too enclosed in a small region, no too much scope, kind of claustrophobic, like Lucas himself said. And Vader's personality is not well developed as it was in Episodes V and VI.

Things I especially liked about Episode 2:
- Action sequences: beggining of Clone Wars, arena, light saber duels, Obi vs Jango, speeder chase.
- Special effects.
- New characters, like Dex, the younglings, etc.
- Yoda's personality: much better than in Episode I with his duel with Dooku, and he is funnier than ever. I like his lines about the Jedi arrogance, because I have always thought the same thing, especially because of Luke in ESB and ROTJ, and also the jedi council in TPM. Now I feel even sadder when I see him die in ROTJ.
- Yoda looks better as a digital character than as a puppet in Ep. I
- Padme and Dorme looked beautiful.
- Padme and Anakin's love story helps us understand how Anakin started showing some of those "dark feelings", but at the same time we see how much pain he had, and how much good actually was in him, as Luke knew.
- Anakin's talk with Palpatine, because we see the relationship that already has started between them.
- The death of Shmi was horribly painful, and I thought it depicted well how much Anakin was suffering. I have to point out that at last we see much more real crying and tears in a Star Wars movie, so the pain and suffering looks more real. Compare when Luke saw his uncle and aunt killed or when Leia saw Han being frozen or when her home planet, Alderaan, was destroyed!!!, with Anakin's crying when his mother died or when Padme was conforting him at the homestead, and even when Dorme cries.
- We get to know Padme and Obi-Wan much better in this movie.
- We see C3PO and R2D2 interacting more, with R2D2 saving the day as usual.
- Many ties with the rest of the trilogy, including the Death Star plans.

I can't wait to see Ep. 3.

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