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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (John Williams)

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• Posted by: Dogan Bilge   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, May 30, 2002, at 8:38 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Words of a real fan (Trenton Bennett)

Having read all these opinions, I'm going to write a very detailed opinion of mine about AOTC.
First, I also love Star Wars movies, believe it or not, Episode 1 is my favorite so far but I'm going to discuss it after a while.
We have waited 3 years for AOTC, and about 6 months after the first teaser, I was so much excited to see it especially after the last long trailer. I bought tickets to the premiere, it was 21:45, the movie began and BAM the first scene was absolutely fake, after the explosion of the naboo cruiser Padme ran and talked to her decoy before she dies about 15 seconds instead of running away from the scene, a stupid dramatical dialogue "You did your duty, Corde did hers, now come". I don't know if I'm too much strict but I didn't like the scene and after that as beign said in this thread, after yoda says he's happy to see Padme alive, she immediately asks "Do you have any idea who's behind this attack?" It was maybe the worst example of a dialogue I heard in a Star Wars movie, and then again when Obi and Anakin were in the elevator. Stupid dialogue, saying absolutely nothing. There were lots of more examples of bad dialogue in the movie.

Special Effects, I must say that Episode 1 was more successful with the effects. It had Podrace sequence which was a breakthrough in that time. No such believable 3D landscape was done before and the sequence really ruled although we knew Anakin was going to win. It had also the best short action cue Williams ever wrote.
In AOTC, there were great effects but there were also some really bad ones. That's why I said TPM was more successful. Episode 1 didn't have any bad ones.
The picnic scene, when Anakin falls down from a bad looking animal, it was too much fake. Also in the arena when he was riding a triceratops-like creature, it was again toooooo much fake. Also the compositions of humans onto 3D ground was looking fake. The animals were ok.
AND the funny factory scene which was the most disturbing scene in the movie for me. It disturbed me from every point of view. When I saw a computer generated C3PO it looked really bad because the only nice thing about his look is his mechanic movements but when he fell down, it was no longer a puppet but a CGI creature which was moving like an animal, so smoooth. It looked really bad.

Music: I wrote more than 5 times before about the music. Ok, it was good in the CD but not as good as any Star Wars score before. It was like a average Williams score with only one good theme and with only one ok action cue. The rest was exactly like filled up with really average Williams music. Zam chase music is good, I like the love theme although I think it's not one of the best themes Williams wrote and I like the arena music in the CD, not that good but listenable. The rest, I don't listen at all, too boring because it has nothing what a good score must have. Phantom Menace score was absolutely perfect. It was 100% perfect with the movie and in the CD. It had lots of new themes, especially Anakin's theme was wonderful, Duel Of The Fates was really incredible and it fits in the action, and then 3 action cues, each one was great, especially the podrace music, it was so much tense. And there was no "wrong" music in the movie. Every motive has been used in the correct moment, TPM was one of the best filmmaking success from the point of music editing. In AOTC as beign written so much in this discussion, the mixing was absolutely horrible. No more words on that. And again, use of TPM music was again horrible, it was so much disrespect to Mr. Williams. I was really upset.

Acting: I mostly liked Hayden. His performance was really good, I didn't expect that much from him. Ewan also ok. But I didn't like Portman's action. I liked her look a lot btw.
When Hayden was carrying his mother in his arms, his looks were great. I mean overall the acting was not disturbing in any point. This is not "Cast Away" anyway.

Humour: Horrible. I was also happy to see the old C3PO and R2D2 humour but not in this way. The head of a droid on 3CPO's body? COME ON! So much foolish humour. Only a 5 year old child would laugh so childish humour. Even Jar Jar wasn't so childish in TPM. In fact, I really liked Jar Jar in TPM. He was a really good developed character in the movie. It became one of the most sympatic creatures in Star Wars world for me in my first watch. And the stupid Obi Wan humour was also bad I think. Lucas put humour in every scene, it's just not acceptable for me. Even the arena, when I watch battle I want to watch only battle in a serious mood. I don't want to hear "Die Jedi Dogs" immediately after I see a Jedi dying in the arena or a little boy sees his father's head chopped off. And again in the scene where Obi Wan speaks to the Kamino prime minister. That scene was also good in a way and bad in a way. The CGI and the lightning was incredible, the look of the Kamino people was also really good. It was an interesting to watch scene but in that atmosphere I don't want to hear "That's why I'm here" from Obi Wan with a kiddy smile in his face. He's a Jedi, not a clown.

Action: Some good, but mostly bad!
Zam Chase, I really liked. It was semi-tense scene and it does its job in the movie. Jango's escape scene, it was good because it had some things happening in the scene, not just lightsabers and guns. I really liked when Obi Wan catches the block with the rope and then opens the door using the Force. And the strategy Jango used for escaping. That scene was nicely designed and nicely shot sequence. But it was not perfect. The music is good but not excellent. Williams could write more interesting music for that sequence, I'm sure. And some of the effects in the scene were fake, especially the movement of Obi when he was swingning on the edge of the rope, the move was too CGI looking. I didn't like it.

Arena was not good. It had no planning at all. First I saw 2 Jedi's and a Senator in front of some animals. That was not good. Everybody knows you can't kill a Jedi with animals. Come on. Just for adding some humour filled sequence to the film Lucas put some animals and chains in that scene. The opening was foolish and it was not well shot in any way. I don't think Lucas did a good job directing that scene. After that I was wondering how the Jedi's would fight against an army of droids, but there was no suprise. They just opened their lightsabers and ran into the droids. I didn't see any usage of the force except a clown-like Jedi force-pushed C3PO. Imagine how great things those Jedi's could do with the force in that scene. These man can jump, can run, can do anything with the force. But they just didn't do anything in that scene. And the sequence was cut to pieces with humour elements as I mentioned before. I don't like humour in a serious war sequence. It isn't just right. This is not good filmmaking. The battle after the arena was too short and again lacking any planning. Anakin screaps "Aim to the fuel cells" How suprising, how clever, great war strategy. It also was wrong. After showing those circle like droid tanks firing lots of rockets we see in the control room the leader saying that they are in a bad position. Even those small things were wrong for a battle. When you hear that words from a leader they really must be in a bad position but as Lucas showed they were not. We saw droid ships fall down but we also saw Republic tanks explode in a equal quantity. That war should have been better. The wars in every other episode were too much better than this one. Especially Battle Of Hoth and TPM battle. The astreoid sequence and the factory sequence were foolish, they didn't have any contribution to the story or to the characters. The movie would look better without the factory scene.

Overall, every scene must have a certain mood. Even the scene when Anakin's mother dies in his arms is not well shot and well planned scene. Besides the foolish dialogue (again), the acting was not good. I really couldn't believe that woman was dying in that scene or just squeeking.
Again, a movie should have a certain mood. You watch a serious scene, you don't want humour in it. You watch a war, you don't want humour in it.
The first 3 movies were more serious than TPM or this one but even TPM was more serious filmmaking than this.
This movie didn't have any mood and it fails as a movie before it fails as a Star Wars for me.

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