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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (John Williams)


  Responses to this Comment:
Dude.   Friday, August 6, 2004 (5:05 p.m.) 

Wow. I don't care what is said on this score, how much is written, or what new material is composed for any love score in the history of time, there will never be for me a love theme so magical, so incredibly passionate, so gripping as 'Beyond the Stars' - it captures the very essence of Stars Wars to me. The slow start with a simple instrument in the beginning, the build up in the middle, the theme you can whistle again and listen to again and again and again without ever getting tired, the fact that this music alone makes the movie almost watchable in those moments when Anakin and Padme look at one another looking constipated (they're supposed to be soulful btw) ... I was truly gripped by it, and I'm not usually given to that much mushiness. Forget "The Russia House", forget any James Bond love theme, forget every other Star Wars love theme ... this is the one. It will blow you away, and bring you back in ... if someone had mercifully somehow integrated it into the score to Treasure Planet I would start believing in God. (No offence, and truly none, meant to any believers)

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  Responses to this Comment:
A bit over the top!   Saturday, September 11, 2004 (11:10 p.m.) 

To me, Across the Stars captures the very esscence of the movie "Hook". Listen to "You Are the Pan" and then listen to ATS. You will notice that there's little difference. I'm in no way calling Williams a hack, definitely not, however I fail to see what's so breathtaking about the Love Theme. I've heard it before.

Besides, "Han Solo and the Princess" will always be the best love theme from a movie. Ever. I don't care if Williams claims that there had never been a Star Wars love theme before "Across the Stars".

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Hardly 'over the top', considering.   Sunday, April 24, 2005 (5:06 p.m.) 

It's obviously not rare for composers to sometimes repeat themselves in their music, and let's not forget that John Williams has been composing for a while now. The love theme for Han Solo and Leia is doubtless powerful and effective, but it doesn't have the sweeping embrace that 'Across the Stars' has - of course that is all a matter of taste, plus the recording of 'Across the Stars' was bound to be crisper. But the five and a half minutes that it represents sums up, to me, all the Star Wars movies are about - emotion, sweeping theatrics, rolling harp strings, and pounding brass. Top notch, and difficult to beat. Obviously it may be considered 'over the top' - but this is Star Wars we're talking about, man! It's supposed to be over the top.

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