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Comments about the soundtrack for Avatar (James Horner)

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Re: Avatar is demonic, desensitizing us to sin
• Posted by: Ken   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010, at 12:31 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Avatar is demonic, desensitizing us to sin (No false witness)

First of all, when it comes to Kids and movies like this, you really need to see the movie yourself before you take your kids. It was obvious to everyone I spoke to about the film that it was going to be something action/violence heavy so it would make a lot of sense for parents to "scout" the movie to be certain that it's okay for their kids. And, if you had to explain to your son why you left the theater (I'm assuming he didn't get why you walked out) then he's probably not picking up on it. I don't want to tell you how to be a parent or anything, but trust him to not pick the habits up and, even if he does, it will be a great moment to teach him about how movies can affect people.

And, as far as the blasphemy goes... I could swear that the only people using the Lord's name in vain were either the bad guys or the good guys when they were being jerks (I.E. Grace in the beginning.) Seems to me that the message is that only bad guys curse God and that good guys, when they are weak, might do it too.

And, as for Jesus's Baptism being mocked and the spiritual leader hinting at vampirism, I'm also going to have to disagree. The whole thing, if it's anything in reference to Christianity, is attempting to show a parallel to Christianity in order to establish the sophistication of the Na'Vi. But, like the tasting of the blood by the spiritual leader, I believe the "baptism" to be a representation of the Na'Vi's communication with nature. To call that a mockery of Christianity or a reference to Vampirism is to say that Dogs are a threat to the human handshake simply because they greet each other by sniffing each others butt.

Next. The animals in the movie were all demonic too. Gimme a break. They're scary looking, yes. But that's kind of the point. Fact is that they're computer generated. Not even puppets. There's nothing real about them. And, within the story, none of them ever crawled inside of a human and made their head rotate 180 degrees and throw up slime all over their mother. So no. They're not demonic.

And finally, the music glorifying the "sins." Wow. Music is meant to enhance a story, PERIOD. If you want to assign the music to just the sins, that's your business however narrow minded that viewpoint is. Just keep in mind that there is more to the movie than sin. Not only that, but murder happened on a massive scale during the movie and you don't even see fit to mention it. I know you walked out of the theater pretty quick, but I'm sure that you've heard about it somehow.

I know this ain't gonna change your mind, but the way you think is exactly the way of thinking that puts Christians across the world under the kinds of social pressure that they're under now. Narrow-Minded, stubborn, almost puritan in its conservativeness. Not the most winning combination and DEFINITELY not a Christian combination either.

My opinion, for what it's worth.

> I took my wife, my 12 year old son, and his 12 year old friend to see
> Avatar a week ago. It was the first time I had been to see a movie in 5
> years.
> We ended up actually walking out of the cinema.
> I was totally disgusted by the constant cursing of God and the taking of
> Jesus' name in vain.
> Have you ever noticed that American movies always find a way to blaspheme
> Jesus's name and to damn God? I had to explain to my son why we walked out
> of the movies.
> There were also many demonic and blasphemous themes in the movie.
> When the white lillies descended on the main character's avatar, this was
> a
> mockery of the baptism of Jesus when the Holy Spirit in the form of a
> dove descended on him.
> The animals in the movie were all demonic too.
> There was a reference to "vampirism" when the mother stuck her
> knife into the
> chest of the main character and then sucked his blood from the knife.
> I could go on and on but you get the point.

> The music only glorified these sins. It made me so upset that I wanted to
> throw up.

> My pastor said this and I agree... The closer Jesus' second coming
> approaches, the more all demons use strategies to have people blind and be
> shaped by them instead of Christ.
> I reject this movie as I reject Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter, the book The
> Shack. All these trash go to the right place with their followers.
> The right door is narrow. May God give to his chosen people discerniment
> and they can be able to avoid the evil.

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