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Comments about the soundtrack for Batman Begins (Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard)

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Re: Batman Begins Score
• Posted by: Ethan   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Thursday, March 9, 2006, at 10:49 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Batman Begins Score (Ken)

Let us begin with this simple statement...........I agree with you. But I just am having trouble grasping the concept that you believe that just because you can tell when you watch a movie, it was scored by Hansy.
Now.... I will say that i'm am frequently alone defending Hans Zimmer from my friends and colleagues, against people like Danny Elfman. In fact, most of my arguments are over such things. Yes, Hansy can get to sound the same. But in an entirrely defferent way than you think. You say that Hansy "copies and pastes" but he clearly doesn't. Yes, there are parts in several epic battle movies where i hear similar sounding runs from gladiator, but then they turn and are something completely and utterly different, but still Hansy. Same can be said for any composer, and that's a fact. YOU CAN usually tell who wrote the music by the opening theme. FACT. Now, let me tell you what your real problem with Hansy is since we've already assesed that Hansy DOES NOT copy and paste any more than John Williams, Debney, etc. FACT. No further discussion. Your problem with Hans (this is all that i can think of) is that you don't (must not) like big powerful french horn/full orchestra themes that speak power to the audience. Am i wrong, because i can think of nothing else that could be bothering you other than the fact that you obviously don't like it when you can tell who the score is by just by listening to an opening theme. Hans Zimmer has an originality that has been copied by many, if i may, Half-Ass composers: Harry Gregson Williams, Klaus Badelt, and even, your beloved John Debney. I here Hansy in all of them. Ever since the beautiful score of Gladiator, it's gotten worse. I know, i know, you think John Debney is in the top 5, once again your opinion and you have the right to that, but listen closely to his music, you might find some Hansy in it.

Another thing you might not know about is that Hansy doesn't only write scores to major big hit epic battle pictures but also a variety of different kind of movie, hanceforth different movies. Spanglish, Something's Gotta Give, As Good as is Gets, Rain Man, ever heard of those movies. Hansy. Did you know that just a year ago i had no idea who the hell Hans Zimmer was. I would repetitively listen to the music on the Gladiator DVD menu. I kept hearing all this different sounding music in different movies. I never connected them to Hansy until i became more enthralled with music. You say you are a composer. Well, i've done a little coposing myself to, and being very young, i'm sure that you are extremely better than me by far, but i always have wondered how Hans Zimmer comes up with his themes. You know, DAnny Elfman themes are easy to figure out for me (on the piano) but Hansy ones are too hard to figure out where to begin. I like that. I like the powerful feeling. I dream of becoming a film maker/ score composer one day and connecting Hansy and Danny to write a score together. What a profound masterpiece that would be, eh. Who knows.

I envy you very very much. How on earth did you meet John Debney. Impossible, although i consider him a Hansy wannabe... wich he is, it would still be fairly neat to meet a professional score composer.

Let us end with this request: If you haven't already, sit down some time, and listen to Spanglish, Something's Gotta Give, Gladiator, etc. and just please, please tell me what it is that you don't like. I consider Hans Zimmer a very original composer that brings new life to modern film, i hope that he will score one of my films one day,and bring life of the new 21st century flm music to my movie.

Try to accept good music for what it is, film music's purpose is this, and only this: To perfectly fit the movie in which the score is written for, and tell, completely, the story of the film, as so to be interpereted. And THAT is why people when academy awards for best film score, not because the music is good alone, not because it might (to some) sound similar to other music. Take Mozart for example, you can always tell Mozart. Now adays there are completely different ages of music at once: Elfman, Hansy, Williams, Howard Shore (my favorite composer of all time; Lord of the Rings)

So do attempt to accept film music for what is really is meant to be/do

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