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Comments about the soundtrack for Batman Begins (Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard)

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Re: Batman Begins Score
• Posted by: Ethan   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006, at 5:01 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Batman Begins Score (Ken)

-Alright. Sorry it's taken me so long to write back. I've been really busy with things, including composing some of my own music.

- Let me make it very clear that regardless of whatever anyone says, I have to yet to see an epic battle movie that can flow superbly, sound so powerful that it makes goosebumps run down your spine, hit you at just the right moment and connect you to the power and mind of the characters and their story as well as Hansy has and can do. I strongly believe that the best composer alive today who can bring out nothing but pure power, dark or light, is definately Hansy.

- I must say that if i didn't know that you were a die hard Hansy opposer i would have to believe that you're out of your mind when you said that "my problem with Gladiator is...." I mean come on! I'm sorry, but Gladiator is by far one of the BEST SCORES EVER WRITTEN FOR A MOVIE. I can't believe that anyone could have problems with the Gladiator theme. But you must know, Pirates and a lot of other epic battle themes are very similar to Gladiator, and guess what, Hansy came up with it first. I strongly feel that Gladiator is a perfect collaboration of Hans Zimmer's originality and the vocal talents of Lisa Gerrerd. To me, the score does exactly what it is meant to do: speak Roman Empire to the audience, with a hint of dark Progeny, death, power, and glory of Maximas. Considering the fact that is a score doesn't do that job, and that job alone, then that composer is done for. Becuase why the hell else would someone hire them. Film composers wouldn't get hired if they only wrote music for people to listen to. When I hear a better score for an epic battle movie, i'll let you know.

- As for the whole copy and paste thing. Perhaps Hansy does do some of that, but let me tell you something, SO DOES WILLIAMS, HORNER, DEBNEY, and even your beloved ELFMAN. Especially mr. elfman. Every single one of his scores almost sounds the same. He always has that sneaky little mysterious them gettin it on, and then, just when you think something cool should happen (like in Hansy's work) it doesn't. It becomes depressing, and uninteresting. As you said before, the Danny Elfman strategy of poping out in the beginning, and never resurfacing until the end. God, how boring is that. Man, as a movie goer, i am totally turned off from the movie. I want power. I want to know the movie, the story, the composer, and the characters through the music.

- Let me also say, that as an exception to my thrashing of Danny Elfman above, i must give him that i think that Edward Scissorhand is a great achievement in film music, as is Gladiator, and Lord of The Rings. Funny, isn't it, how these three composers can come up with this great music, but yet in all three of them, you think you here those themes again throughout the course of other movies. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. Maybe you're supposed to, like a signature you know. So now, i must agree with you, Hansy's signature is fairly obvious sometimes. But you know what, no more than Elfman's. If i may be so bold as to say, HOWARD SHORE IS THE BEST COMPOSER OF ALL TIME. But hey, you know what, i always know it's Howard. I love that. I want to be able to hear the opening credits and go, hey that' Danny, or that's Hansy. Sometimes I'm wrong, but a lot of the time i'm right. You can tell with most composers, Silvestri, Williams, Horner, Zimmer, Elfman, Kaczmarek, Badelt, etc.

- I don't understand your trashing of James Horner. I consider him another one of the best composers of the modern era. Totally different sound than Hansy. Whoa, imagine that!

- Also, Klaus Badelt's Pirates is a pretty cool tune, however, it is just a tweaked up rendition of Gladiator, and King Arthur, and maybe, some of The Last Samurai.

- Gregson-Williams is a cheap-ass with crazy pop crap, but yet, he still has some nice stuff, like Armagedon.

- News flash.. If don't already know, Hansy has two movies coming out pretty soon. One that i'm extremely excited about is The Davinci Code (May 5th) We'll have to see what that sounds like, eh. I do hope, as you do, that we'll here some knew sounds in his upcoming stuff. Also, Pirates 2 is coming out, in June or July, also Hansy. Hopefully he will correct Klaus Badelt's stolen theme, and take it somewhere else.

- As an ambitious future filmaker, one of my great ambitions is to have Elfman and Hansy do a score, and Williams and Hansy, i mean John, and also of course, Shore and Hansy. What a dream come true.

- One more thing, if you haven't seen Pride & Prejudice you should. I'm listening to the soundtrack right now, it's pretty good.

- Hopefully, one day, Hansy will appeal to you in some good way as he has done for me.

- Sorry it took so long,

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