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Comments about the soundtrack for Batman Begins (Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard)

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Re: john ottman is overrated
• Posted by: darth coolius   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, July 5, 2006, at 4:48 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: john ottman is overrated (JameZ)

> I'm sure you'd do so much better than Ottman considering you're inablilty
> to construct a formidable sentence. Try looking at the things you DO like
> rather than try picking fights about subjects you clearly know nothing
> about. John Ottman has created some incredible scores. Try checking out
> Usual Suspects, not only did he compose the music, he edited the film as
> well! A little credit is due there don't you think?!

> It's a shame I feel compelled to read such pointless posts as your
> "insightful" opinions.

What, are you one of Ottman's little butt buddies? Is
that why you threw such a b!tch fit? If you needed me
to elaborate, you should have just asked.

Ottman is a class A hack. When he's not riding off of
Singer's success, he stuck doing scores to obscure b
movies. He has no distinguishable style of his own.
Well, that is unless you count utter sh!t as a style.
He's a poor man's Danny Elfman. His themes are
simplistic, uninspired and cliche. A kid randomly
hitting keys on a piano can come up with something
more memorable and original. Why does Ottman feel the
need to include a choir in every other scene? It only
serves to give a false sense of granduer to a scene
that doesn't support it. He constantly makes bad
choices in his scoring, conveying the wrong emotions
in the wrong scenes. People say Zimmer is a hack, but
at least he has proven himself capable of creating a
rich, original score. Ottman can only dream of such
things. The FF score was pathetic. X2 hinted at
decency, but failed overall. If Ottman would have
only continued the theme, it could have been great.
It sounds like it's about to branch out into something
stirring and romantic, but falls into typical filler.
Everything else is your typical sci-fi bullsh!t.
Kamen's score was far superior, giving the first film
a sense of urgency and coldness. Ottman made a
mistake by not continuing his themes. Superman
Returns was great.... the John Williams parts that is.
I could go on and on, but in the end I just think
Ottman is a giant c0cktease, who sometimes hints at
something memorable, but ultimately fails to realize
it's potential. I don't know why you chose to reply
the way you did and make it personal, but it wasn't
very nice. You, my friend, are an @sshole. Enjoy
your sh!tty Ottman music. You deserve it.

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