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Comments about the soundtrack for Brokeback Mountain (Gustavo Santaolalla)

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Re: Homosexuality AND its music are BOTH SINS!
• Posted by: Dennie   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Monday, June 12, 2006, at 11:01 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Homosexuality AND its music are BOTH SINS! (Bowie)

First of all, the guys WERE NOT GAY!!!!! They simply had one of these unusual attractions to each other that often happens to both male and female - and throughout the film all they talk about is the fact that they aren't gay, the one guy had a family and deeply loved his wife, the other guy was basically a womanizer............... I thought the score and movie were awesome.............. and I truly wish these religious fanatics would get off their damned high horses, get a life, and concentrate on loving one another as well as themselves (which, by the way, Jesus preached throughout his life....... he had no time in his life for discriminating......... he was too busy preaching love to everyone) in fact, the places where the bible mentions homosexuality, neither God (and by the way, WHO KNOWS WHAT GOD SAYS OR THINKS!!!??? --- NOONE!!!!!) nor Jesus ever is doing the talking......... mankind in general talks about it......... making up their own rules!!!!!!!!

Just thought I should list these 7 things that people like you need to be
> aware of, so that people afraid of homosexuality or "imprisoned"
> by it can feel better about themselves, feel human (Just do some Google or
> Wikipedia research to confirm these ideas without any doubt):

> a) The Bible refers to homosexuality about EIGHT times (whereas it
> refers to other sins like adultery and murder HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of
> times each)

> b) All the verses in Leviticus (which DO explicitly CONDEMN homosexuality)
> are no longer meaningful. They were put in place by God via Moses to
> encourage procreation. Once the lands were significantly abundant in human
> life, God (in the form of Jesus) came onto the Earth to preach a NEW MORAL
> CODE...:

> c) "Love the Lord your God with all your heart" and "Love
> your neighbour as you love yourself." Jesus explicitly says how all
> other holy laws are just based on these two primary laws. Also tellingly,
> Jesus never forbade homosexuality; although, he did say a woman would be a
> perfect companion for man, but with EXCEPTIONS (unichs etc), however
> clearly Jesus stressed the monogamous aspect of marriage (thus the
> continuous admonishment of adultery throughout the New Testament) as
> opposed to who was in it.

> d) Sodomy is not homosexuality. Sodomy is greed, sexual aggression,
> excessive pride... in fact Jesus lists the sins of Sodom to Gamorrah in
> the Bible, and homosexuality is not a sin he mentions.

> e) Of course heterosexuality is NORMAL and NATURAL. And of course
> homosexuality is not NORMAL (in the sense that the majority
> practices it) but neither are albinos or people with Downs' Syndrome or
> autistic people or the French. But that doesn't make any of those things
> UNNATURAL. They occur naturally without scientific provocation. Straight
> people get freaked out by gay sex because it makes them feel
> uncomfortable. Similarly, gay people feel uncomfortable with straight sex.
> You would laugh if gay people tried to ban or censure sex between
> heterosexuals.

> f) Homosexuality being a sin just doesn't make any sense. I've had many
> conversations with Christians who end up agreeing that there's nothing
> really wrong with it, but they tag onto the end of that "Well the
> Bible says it's wrong, so I have to believe it's wrong too" and leave
> before I get the chance to explain how the Bible has been misinterpreted
> to discourage a sexual practice that freaks out the majority of people. It
> doesn't make sense because:
(1) The population of the planet is now
> ridiculously excessive; it makes more sense that homosexuality is good
> because it has the potential to cap the world's population, rather than
> homosexuality being bad because it's preventing us to some extent
> from overharvesting and destroying the Earth.
(2) Homosexuals can love
> each other. It just doesn't make sense that this is a bad thing. Who is it
> hurting? Think about it.
(3) Heterosexuals have produced millions and
> millions of gay children -- an argument that a homosexual couple would
> turn children gay is hypocritical... and unproven because they're not even
> given the equal right to try.
(4) If homosexuals should be prevented
> from marrying because the Bible says so, then relaxed laws about slavery
> and other ridiculous practices and beliefs from 2000 years ago should be
> reinstated.
(5) If homosexuals should be prevented from marrying
> because they can't procreate, then so should old people, and infertile
> couples, and laws should be in place demanding sex occur between
> heterosexual couples.
(6) If homosexuals should be prevented from
> marrying because it feels icky to you, go back to the 1850s when black
> people marrying white people (or black people doing ANYTHING!) felt icky.
> You'd feel right at home.

> g) I didn't really like the Brokeback Mountain score, but I don't think
> Gustavo is going to Hell. In fact, most Christians would think that idea
> is nuts. Because ALL sinners are given a chance to enter the pearly gates.
> Even you, for presuming to know God's plan for us and acting excessively
> righteous and proud. Actually the true Sodomites (for your excessive pride
> you could be considered a Sodomite) were cast to Hell almost without mercy
> or hesitation. I'd watch your words if I were you.

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