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12 reasons why 12 reasons to avoid Harry Potter suck.
• Posted by: P. Stevenson, brother of A.S. Stevenson   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Saturday, April 15, 2006, at 4:15 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: 12 reasons to avoid Harry Potter (trial lawyer)

I have taken the time to write a response to each of yor 12 ed up s. Here they are for your ed up enjoyment, you . (Also, ensure you read what comes after the reasons)

1. There is no scientific proof that these timeless pagan practices of satan are real or deadly. Harry Potter does not promote them either; it is simply a story in a world where they happen to exist. Also, the HP story does not say anything about Pagan or Satanic ideals. So there you .

2. HP does not have any power to change your beliefs and values at all. I hae watched all the movies currently released more than 5 times each and I don't walk around saying "Avada Kedavra" to my enemies (though if it were real, I would almost certainly use it on you). The only people who may believe in magic are little kids who always grow out of it. Anyone else who believes in it is a spastic git.

3. HP does not make people feel at home in the dark paranormal setting. Few people would view Harry, Ron and Hermione from Gods perspective, nor do I believe god gives a damn.

4. HP is not evil, nor does anyone who reads it (except for s like you) believe that this is the case. I do not love the "evil" of the books.

5. People do not have a natural aversion for magic and . There is no "forbidden" HP world and no-one is trying to support; it is merely a setting for a story desgined to entertain. It does not seem normal to anyone who reads the HP story except spastics.

6. The HP story is not desgined to, and has no ability to, prepare or change people for a satanic world. I have subjected HP to rational scrutiny and it comes up as a fictional, entertaining, story that does not influence my day-to-day activities.

7.HP does not motivate me to fight against God, who I believe in and worship. Few children are driven to devote all their minds' to this non-existent "occult".

8. HP does not distort, or attempt to distort, childrens' views on God (my scripture lessons in year one actually did this; in all honsety, they led me to believe God was an emu. For more information, feel free to email ""). I would alos like to see any other explanation of God's miracles that does not involve magic, or something that is very close to it.

9. This is just complete . There is no evidence whatsoever to support this. Nobody has turned God into the father of Albus Dumbedore, nor does anyone worship Hermione as the source of all widsom, or despise Voldemort as Satan.

10. God and mnany others will give you this advice, including myself. However, not everything a child is exposed to will shape his future. You are also depicting HP as some dark force designed to bring down christianity. This is smiply not the case. Wisdom would label HP as just a harmless story. Your sort of wisdoms is complete bull!-!.

11. Have you even read the books?!? Harry, Ron and Hermone do represent friendship and . Very few children and teens never break the rules. It just doesn't happpen. I have lied and I will bet anything that you have done the same. They are not a bunch if crims attempting to show children how to undermine peace and order.

12. OK mate, you really suck! You have no understanding of how the real world operates. It is quite possible to follow God and read HP. Harry's "thrills" are not thirlling at all, by the way. They are actually quite dangerous asnd scary. I can assure you I would not have wanted to face Vodemort, Basiliks and Dementors. I doubt you have even read the book, If so, don't try and pay out things you know nothing about.

I have also realised that you have not provided any justifiable proof that any of these reasons are fact. I on the other hand, have read the books and know many people who have and none of us have succumbed to the evil you say we will. The only proof you have provided is the bible, which contains many disputed claims that do not match up to modern science or any common sense or reason. Indeed, the only way to explain them is magic, which you have claimed is evil.

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