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What an Abosolute LIE
• Posted by: Unnamed 15 year old
• Date: Sunday, May 14, 2006, at 3:58 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Show your power: STOP HARRY POTTER with your "... (Phil Sheldon)

Excuse me, mr Sheldon, but you have made a few mistakea.

Point 1:
Since when were today's young people being "led to beleive" that magic was real !?! There are NO repeat NO sane chidlren (who have reached some basic level of maturity) who believe HP is real! The only exceptions are really little kids, but they grow out of it (I would be prepared to bet that you believed in magic etc and some stage yourself). You would be hard pressed to find any kids who could testify that they now believe firmly in magic after having read HP. HP may have offended some of the more extreme christain community, but it is just not drawing children into some dark, horrific cult of satan. I fully understand if you do not like the story, and you are fully entitled to your opinoin, but to attack it on these grounds is completely unfair and without basis in fact.

Point 2:
I think it quite probable that you are not a child or trained in psychology. In that case, you are in no position whatsoever to make statements on what today's young people believe and do not believe. If today's young people do believe HP is real, let them say that.

Point 3:
You stated in you post that "there are only two sources of power at work in the world today -- God and Satan. So you are either operating in Holy Power or demonic power. It's as clear cut as that!". The world is hardly that simple and few people actively fight for either of the two sides, but even if it were so, J.K. Rowling is not fighting for either in the HP series. None of the books contain any reference to God or Satan (if you let the characters act as metaphors for others, the only conceivable conclusion is that Hp is jesus fighting against the devil!).

Point 4:
You also stated that "supernatural miracles" are possible. this is a complete fabrication. No supernatural miracles have occured that modern science is unable to explain. The bible is not a valid system of support for their existence.

Thank you. I hope you have learned soemthing.

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