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Re: Generally, I agree with you.
• Posted by: a different Joe
• Date: Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 8:32 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Generally, I agree with you. (Dan Sartori)

> There's a lot of good stuff in here, and really only a couple things I
> disagree with.

Oh. I guess that means you like me more than you dislike me...relatively speaking. Either way, I'll take that as a compliment!

> Good point. I definitely think it's a stretch to say that HP promotes
> witchcraft. The type of magic that it uses is the "abracadabra",
> "say a word and give someone a cold" kind of magic that we see
> in virtually all magic-fantasy works, especially those written for
> children. Nowhere near devil worship and the occult really. That would be
> like saying it's immoral to kiss somebody because it could turn into
> sexual promiscuity. Let's not go overboard here.


> Right on. Both of those works most definitely have elements of magic in
> them, but they were both written by strong Christians with an impassioned
> love for Jesus. I guarantee you they weren't trying to promote witchcraft.


> Another great assessment. The problem is not with the work, it's with the
> discretion of those reading it (or seeing it, or listening to it). Parents
> have to be involved with teaching their children the difference between
> fantasy and reality, between what's possible and what isn't. If you're
> worried about the movie, go see it with your child and then discuss it
> afterwards. I think that's the better solution than flat out condemning
> it.


> Ah, you have to be careful here. Did he tell you that he was equating
> "wordly" with "non-Christian"? I didn't see it in his
> post. It's kind of presumptuous to say that this guy doesn't like
> non-Christian authors. As far as I can tell, he's just talking about Harry
> Potter, not all works by non-Christian authors. This is the stuff that
> miscommunication is made of, so watch out.

True. I'm getting kind of worked up at this point (more than at the beginning......)

> Nice use of a Bible verse. The Bible also says that none will know when
> the last days will be, that Christ will come like a thief in the

> Not to mention there have been literally thousands of people that have
> tried to predict the end of the world according to "biblical
> truth" - which is really just their INTERPRETATION of what they read
> in the Bible, not what it actually says - and ALL of them have been wrong
> (including Nostradamus).


> Here lies the major problem I have with your post. First of all, for some
> reason you suddenly loose your respectful tone and lower yourself to the
> level of an idiot with phrases like "You are obviously someone who
> doesn't know CRAP about music". Why do that now, and after what was
> up to this point a very mature post? It's almost like somebody else wrote
> that paragraph!

Ahhh! You kind of lost it on me too...but I forgive you. What you are seeing is a different Joe getting extremely worked up about people with the sheer audacity to insult film music in such a naive and immature way. You could say I lost it after reading that. After all the people who misunderstand film music, here's one more!

Oh, and who said there's just one of me?!?! I'm prone to mood drastic mood swings.....especially concerning people who insult film music. I have no respect for them whatsoever.

> Secondly, I would like to challenge your assertion that movie music has
> little or nothing to do with the movie itself. Certainly a good movie
> soundtrack needs to be able to be listened to independent of the movie
> itself - otherwise why sell it? - but to say that the music has no place
> in the movie other than a minor supporting role is ridiculous and
> ignorant. I would like to know how you would make the execution scene in
> Braveheart work without music, for instance. How would any movie sound
> without musical backup? Much different, that's for sure! Obviously the
> music is a very important and integral part of any movie, and the best
> experience is gained when the two are joined to create a glorious tapestry
> of art. The movie Glory is another great example of a movie that wouldn't
> be nearly as powerful without its music.

I disagree! It could be my choice of words. To say that a film score promotes "witchcraft" because the film it is used in allegedly supports "witchcraft" is absolutely wrong! That was my point. It's just that I've had people make fun of me because I have a film score to a particularly dumb movie. That has nothing to do with it! That's what I was trying to say. The movie itself should in no way reflect on a score's reputation. Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time.....

I think you got it backward, from my point of view, but that's ok.

> One point I do agree with you on here: John Williams' music for HP
> definitely doesn't promote witchcraft.

There we go!

> An important distinction needs to be made here: that God is NOT
> responsible for the evil things that we do, even if we do them in His
> name. Misinterpretation of the Bible is man's problem, not God's. So
> PLEASE make sure to judge Christianity fairly with this in mind. There are
> so many people in this world that get this so very wrong.

Yes, true. Sorry I didn't make that clear. I'm not judging Christianity in any way. I'm just noting examples where different groups have used the Bible to their own ends, because most people didn't read it for themselves. It's still that way today, it seems, if that character proves anything.

I'm glad you agree with me on most things! You have a bright future ahead of you (not that I can tell the future or anything ....I'm just guessing)!

> Cheers!

Happy New Year!

> Dan

a different Joe

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