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Re: Show your power: STOP HARRY POTTER with your "Holy Power" T-shirt!
• Posted by: metacritic   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2002, at 2:20 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Show your power: STOP HARRY POTTER with your "... (Phil Sheldon)

George Orwell would probably say this is doubleplus ungood (just as my friend Mithrandir has said several times). If one were to look toward the Bible for guidance, what would Jesus have to say about someone or a group of people profiting (selling T-shirts) on the basis of spurring a conflict in his name? Perhaps a reading of Stan Lee's "God Woke" may provide an answer.

Sheldon's post has no relevance to this site (obviously), but an intellectual reply should be made. Truth cannot be obtained, but we strive for it and seek it out--misinterpreting it all our lives. This concept is nothing new; it's been around since Plato. There's nothing particularly wrong with misinterpreting truth and seeking it out, just as long as we *know* we are.

This old censorious cycle of sustaining beliefs (whatever offshoot of Christianity Sheldon is advertising) with emergent ones that may or may not even exist (Rowling's mythos) is quite embarassing for the human race--but we have been doing it since time began (so why not keep doing it, right?). The Romans conquered the Greeks and absorbed their culture (and religion), renaming the gods. When Christianity began, the Romans persecuted the Christians. Nazi beliefs (yes, they were religious in nature) spurred the persecution of the Jews. And now, it's a persecution of Wicca (or anything un-Christian) and even perhaps the beginning of persecuting Middle Eastern religious groups. And on and on and on.

As far as stopping Harry Potter in any sense, that notion defies what is at the heart of America and its Constitution: the freedom of beliefs and of speech. So, until we have the police state of Orwell's 1984 and the Ministry of Truth, don't hold your breath. And then, once we do, that'll be all any of us can do (along with holding our tongue).


P.S. Why would wizards and witches celebrate Christmas (as is shown in the first Harry Potter film)? Hmmmmm.

> Show Who Powers Your Life! Harry Potter is an abomination to God!

> View the T-shirt:
> When, with a
> swish of a wand, young Harry Potter conjures up supernatural magic, it's
> not just harmless fantasy, as our children and grandchildren are being led
> to believe. The truth is there are only two sources of power at work in
> the world today -- God and Satan. So you are either operating in Holy
> Power or demonic power. It's as clear cut as that!

> The Holy Power t-shirt, exclusive to the Christian Response Enterprises
> store, shows which side powers and influences your life. It boldly answers
> the godless witchcraft being crammed down our society's throat as innocent
> escapism by displaying 1 John 4:4 -- "Greater is He that is in me
> than he who is in the world."

> Act now to get this limited-edition t-shirt. They will go quickly on a
> first-come, first-served basis, so don't delay. You won't find the Holy
> Power t-shirt anywhere else. Order now!

> Although the devil is allowed some power, when born-again Christians tap
> into God's awesome power, all things are possible -- even supernatural
> miracles! Blessed with wondrous gifts, we don't need spells or potions or
> wands for God's power to do good, change lives and save souls in Jesus'
> name. Harry Potter is a danger to society's young, who may try to emulate
> Potter and his gang of Satanic followers in their summoning of the powers
> of darkness.

> Holy Power speaks loudly to that fact in shopping malls and school halls.
> The t-shirt is designed to attract attention and start conversations that
> open doors to witnessing. People need to know nothing is innocent or
> harmless about the evil one, who uses his power to steal, kill and
> destroy. The Bible thus warns using the power of witchcraft is an
> abomination to God.

> Author J.K. Rowling has successfully repackaged witchcraft in its most
> dangerous form yet -- children's fantasy literature. God states the
> practices of witchcraft are an abomination and expects His children to
> feel the same way. Yet we haven't had all the facts to take a stand and
> make a difference -- until now!

> For what to say during such opportunities, check out Harry Potter:
> Witchcraft Repackaged, a 60-minute video that exposes the practices and
> philosophy of witchcraft, visually demonstrating how they're presented in
> the Potter series' books and movies. Spells, curses, divination, communing
> with dead spirits, mediums, goddess worship, reincarnation, use of
> witchcraft tools and symbols -- they're all covered, along with the
> Scripture against them.

> Phil Sheldon
> Response Enterprises

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