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Comments about the soundtrack for Conan the Barbarian (Tyler Bates/Various)

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Deal with it??
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• Posted by: Edmund Meinerts   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Sunday, August 14, 2011, at 2:01 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Great Album Stupid Reviewer (Pablo)

> That seems to be the growing trend here with Filmtracks...
> The Remote Control hatred here is rampant, as are the other posters.

I agree that there is a certain amount of Remote Control ill-feeling here in Filmtracks, but in general the reviews treat it fairly. Strong scores like Thor and Priest that use Remote Control tactics are awarded four- and five-star ratings, as they deserve, while lazy phoned-in rehashes such as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Transformers: Dark of the Moon are appropriately trashed. Not all Remote Control-styled scores are good - but many are.

> Remote Control scores and their ilk are the future. If you guys dont like
> it, then stop bitching and go make your own "orchestral only"
> website, if that floats your boat.

A sad and pale sort of future it will be where there is only one scoring style of any validity. Before the days of Remote Control, you could go to John Williams if you wanted bright, complex, brassy, heroic Americana; to Jerry Goldsmith if you wanted ballsy, percussive, gritty action music; to Basil Poledouris if you wanted massive, yet folk-inspired bombast; to Ennio Morricone if you wanted quirky melodrama; to Georges Delerue if you wanted sentimentality and a romantic sensibility...whereas these days, string ostinati and single low brass blasts seem to be the answer to everything, from dream-bending to mutants to giant alien robots to sword-and-sandals epics.

> I bet you guys wont have much to discuss, though, since Zimmer-type scores
> are taking over. Deal with it.

WHY? If every single movie that ever came out used the exact same plotline, would movie producers have the right to tell us to "deal with it"? If every single movie was required to use the exact same actors, would we be told to "deal with it"? Why should it be the same with music?

Look, I like Remote Control music a lot. It's easily accessible, enjoyable stuff and was my road into the film music world. I don't mind Remote Control scores in many cases and do agree that it's unfairly maligned at times. But do you really think every single score ought to use that style? You also seem to treat "orchestral" as though it was a single style - that is so far from the truth it's just outrageous.

Oh, and another thing: Tyler Bates is not Remote Control.

And one more: placing Poledouris on the same level, or below, Bates. If you enjoy Bates' music more, well, all the power to you - there's nothing anybody can do to stop you and you are perfectly entitled to that opinion, though about 99.8% of the film music community will disagree with you. However, Poledouris has written several scores which have been almost universally accepted as good to classic, the original Conan the Barbarian score most prominent among them. He has a total of 52 film credits plus various TV credits. Bates is an acknowledged plagiarist, I've never read a film music review of a score of his that gives more than three stars out of five and has a total of 25 film credits. Their careers are not comparable, as you have claimed multiple times.

Liking Bates' music is OK, but telling us to "deal with it" and implying that we're a bunch of snobs for wanting to hear more than one way to score a film makes you come across as a fanboyish asshole.

Thank you for wasting my time.

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