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Comments about the soundtrack for Conan the Destroyer (Basil Poledouris)

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absolute rubbish review to promote the re-recording
• Posted by: wtf   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2016, at 10:17 p.m.
• IP Address:

Everyone agrees that the movie was meant to be seen only by 10 yo kids.
Other than that the whole review is just one big american style lenghty commercial for Prometheus Records' 2011 re-recording.

First of all the horns never missed any 'key notes' in the Varese version nor in the movie, and if you really want to hear a tempo that's completely off and a lifeless performance by musicians who feel absolutely disinterested by what they are doing, listen to the 2011 re-recording whose motto and commercial pitch is supposedly 'as close to what Poledouris wanted it to sound originally, according to private discussions with members of Prometheus' executive staff'. Sure guys, lay the bullshit thick, : it's time to lure the fanboys in buying a Nth version posthumously approved by the master .... anyone who studied music and orchestration seriously will laugh at Nic Raine's direction on the rerecording wchih enede up being a real flatliner. Raine did a much better job with other scores, but certainly not with any Conan score.
The Prague philarmonic directed by Raine can't even HOLD A CANDLE to the practically flawless (except for a few minor details) performance of Riddle of Steel and Riders of Doom (first movie score) by the Tenerife Symphony orchestra directed by Diego Navarro for Universal Picture's Centennial Concert , moreover if Universal felt that Prometheus' project was of any value they would have asked Raine and the Prague orchestra to perform...but it wasn't the case. Here's the Centennial performance in 2012, at least it doesn't seem lifeless nor slowed down :

Secondly, Destroyer is a sequel thus it will of course have a couple of themes that will be loosely reminiscent of the first episode. Some pieces are almost verbatim copies by the way, I agree on that point for Valeria Remembered and The Katta, but it's blown out of proportion in the filmtacks article by generalizing it to supposedly at least five or six pieces minimum from The Barbarian. Pieces such as Horn of Dagoth or Scrolls of Skelos or even the one during the passage under water in Thoth Amon's cave have absolutely nothing to do with the first opus and refer to a setting filled to the brim with dark mystery and dazzling magic as opposed to the rather warrior-like first movie which was all a bout a sad tragedy and a quest for vengeance.

Thirdly, the 'Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular' has not been released for the first time with the Destroyer's 2011 rerecording. To claim such a thing is ridiculous. Thaxton ...are you behind all this big and slimy promo??

Fourthly,sure a couple of motives seem again -loosely- derived from the lengthy Adventures score (the Universal stage show in Hollywood), but Universal imposed certain lighthearted almost Disney level themes to Poledouris, who blended them in to his own epic and far more mature style ...after all, Universal show's childish story was about a skinny dude who not unlike Prince Adam from Mattel's MOTU would transform into a herculean warrior on the spot , magically, simply by wielding a sword infused with some lousy spell. The barbarian didn't really have any connection to Conan either from the original stories, Milius' movie or even the comics, it was a complete revision to please a snotty underage public. Gladly Poledouris upped the level here with the score. Also, who says Poledouris rehashed hastily a few ideas scattered here and there from the Adventures score to rewrite them for The Destroyer? From all we know Universal could as well have obliged Poledouris to take inspiration from the score of their Conan show in California for promotional reasons, the same way they had the whole script rewritten and botched, stealing all the ideas from the original scenario by Roy Thomas to end up with a lousy mish mash.
If one believes the review, Poledouris seemed inspired when writing 'The Adventures of Conan' while 'Conan the Destroyer''s score was supposedly second hand low grade material. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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