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Comments about the soundtrack for Crimson Tide (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: don't waste your money.
• Posted by: Lee
• Date: Thursday, July 25, 2002, at 1:28 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: don't waste your money. (Kyri)

> Now this is clearly a false statement. By listening to music that is
> complex in emotional material and orchestrations you allow yourself to
> experience something else and once you discover new things, THEN you feel
> MORE joy and you thank a great composer for writing a great piece of
> music. In other words, serious music can be MORE enjoyable than just a
> good melody lalala that gets you right from the beginning.

I tactfully disagree, and liken it to automobiles. If I'm going to buy a car, I'm going to buy something that I see that grabs my attention, quickly, AND something that I've checked up on to make sure it's not a piece of junk, and it suits my needs. I'm not going to buy something that completely does not interest me, that I have to "acquire a liking for." The same goes with music. Goldenthal pumps you up, and that's fantastic. I'd be lying if I said his music wasn't great. BUT, your Goldenthal is my Zimmer. He catches my attention, and takes me on an emotional ride. I like his music from the getgo, so I don't have to research and examine it to find an appreciation -- it's already there. Just like I'll buy a car that I like (instead of finding one I'll "learn to appreciate"), I'll buy a composer's work that I like (instead of finding someone I'll "learn to appreciate"). It's the basis for the current economic system -- get what you want whenever you can.

> If someone told you to go and jump off the top of a high cliff just
> because millions of others have already done it, would you? Popularity
> doesn't make a score GREAT. It doesn't change its content. It is what it
> is. And a FEW people have the right not liking everyone's favorite score.

Let's flip this paragraph around for a moment If someone came up to you and told you "not to waste your money" on any Goldenthal scores, but to start a Hans Zimmer collection because his music was much better, would you? Personal opinions don't make a score GREAT. They don't change its content. They are what they are. And even though a few people have the right to NOT like everyone's favorite score, it does NOT give them the right to claim superiority, and downplay everyone else in the process.

> No; you are right! I did come off the way you described above. I just get
> soooo pissed off when i see genious composers such as Elliot Goldenthal
> get so little credit when they've written masterpieces such as Alien 3,
> Sphere, Final Fantasy, Titus etc etc.

I understand, and emphathize. I, on the other hand, get a tad irritated when people come stampeding to what I escape, pump myself up, and get lost to, and claim that it's "not worth my money" and of low importance and quality, which is exactly what you came here and did, to be honest. Goldenthal has done a lot, and he does deserve credit for what he's done. I'd personally like to hear the Sphere score, and I own the Final Fantasy soundtrack, as well as several others from the man. But, as you prefer Goldenthal over Zimmer (which is not wrong), I prefer Zimmer over Goldenthal (which is NOT wrong). It is, in effect, arrogant to claim that your preferences and your preferences alone are better.

I understand your frustration, and I would feel the same if Zimmer were not getting the attention I felt he deserved. But please, don't take that out on the rest of the world. Not myself, Zimmer, nor any of the people who bought one of his soundtracks, are to blame for Goldenthal not getting the publicity. Instead of bashing Zimmer for his success, and downplaying our intelligence by saying that we should scrap Zimmer and start buying Goldenthal, tell us that Zimmer has done well, and that we should consider Goldenthal also, since he has many noteworthy scores. To quote a corny phrase, "Positive strokes, not negative jokes." I PROMISE you, the people who have read this would have been MUCH more willing to buy a Goldenthal score if you'd have simply said, "Hey, if you like this, you might want to try Goldenthal, he's got some great stuff (like Sphere!)," instead of saying, "Don't waste your money on this, go buy quality work, like Goldenthal." I've said this until I'm blue in the face, and it's become one of my life mottos, so I'll say it to you. I'm sure you've heard it a million times already, since it's a very common (but sadly seldom used) saying: "It's NEVER what you say, but rather HOW you say it." I could convince a total stranger to lend me $100 if I said it right, but I bet I couldn't get my best friend to lend me a nickel if I acted like a jerk.

> After all this, has it ever occured to you that maybe it's YOU who needs a
> reality check?

I got a reality check, and His name is Jesus

> Have a good day!

I will

Please don't look at this as a "counter-attack" argument, but rather, see it as a more pacifistic way of approaching a situation, in order to get the results you seek.

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