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Comments about the soundtrack for The Da Vinci Code (Hans Zimmer)

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Re: This Soundtrack Leads to Satanism, Occultism, Blasphemy, Immorality, and Hedonism
• Posted by: Steven Muenkel   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Tuesday, May 9, 2006, at 5:38 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: This Soundtrack Leads to Satanism, Occultism, ... (John Cannon, Senior Pastor of Outreach Operations)

Pastor, it's your kind of venomous rhetoric that drives a Catholic like myself farther from the church not the other way around.

These composers and musicians are expressing themselves emotionally using the gifts the Lord has given them. I can think of few greater tributes to Him. They reproduce and enhance the emotions of the movie’s story. If the story turns evil, so might the music. If the story has love, there is love in the music. Most films are about good triumphing over evil. So too are the soundtracks that accompany them. How studios and record companies, motivated by capitalist society (and far more complicated than a fruit tree), get this material to the public is irrelevant. You want to tell us that the church has never been motivated by greed? The church has killed in order to spread its message and convert people. I can forgive record companies for caring about their bottom line.

How many clergyman drink or have fornicated like some artists have as you say? How many have told lies? How many are caught, repent, only to go back doing again? Regardless of the opposing messages you believe they uphold, sir, no organization is clandestine or without sin. And many have been around far longer than film music.

God is love. Love God, love each other, and obey the commandments to your best ability. The rest is hearsay, conjecture, and the opinions of mortal men. Respect it? Yes. Follow and preach it if you feel you must, as educated to that end as you might be, but to use these biblical words as weapons to promote fear and hatred among a small group of people who join together and celebrate the art of music on a website is wrong and it is trivial.

You are obviously a qualified and intelligent religious leader. I find your title as "Senior Pastor of Outreach Operations" a bitter irony. You have labeled our interest in this music as satanic. Now what would you have us do? What is your alternative? Suppose we follow your views and understand your biblical truths, what then? Why not invite us to your parish? How about pointing us to a less evil website where we can start to find our supposed lost faith again? You seem to enjoy spewing this prolific venom. Have you published a book we might borrow from our local library? Did you mention it? No. You are only a purveyor of fear. You offer no hope for enlightenment in your essay. If you perceive Satan as winning this battle for our hearts and minds then you should look no further than yourself to blame. What you sell here lacks empathy, passion, and imagination. How are we supposed to turn and follow that? Perhaps we're beyond hope in your view. Now that would be a hypocrisy in itself.

I am frightened by your archaic views that anything not doctrinally sound is evil or satanic. Perhaps you want us back in the dark ages of ignorance and fear, where artists who try to use their endowed independent thought are eliminated. That way you might actually find people who care when you shout at them . . . if there's anyone left.

Oh! God help us music collectors. I shall picture you praying for us, Pastor.

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