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Please get your themes right!
• Posted by: Vincent   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Friday, August 28, 2015, at 3:31 a.m.
• IP Address:

You start off with a huge error, 'two satisfying entries'. As I recall, you didn't like Part 1.

Anyone who thinks the JW themes are badly integrated need a rude awakening. They wanted their themes, well now they've got them. More food for thought: why is it such a big deal that Desplat likes Williams? If he didn't, would that make him the Lord Voldemort of this world? Liking Doyle isn't that important, is it? Williams is a human being, not a God.

The synth pulse isn't really completely gone, it opens Procession.

Glad to see you like Dumbledore's Farewell.

The usage of Buckbeak's theme in the dragon scene would have generated scepticism as well. In the end, you have to ask yourself whether the music works, and it certainly does here. This franchise has been a thematic mess since Azkaban anyway.

The Chamber of Secrets reference is very apparent, the music after Neville is tracked from HP2.

The unused Snape material was partly used in the scene where they first see the dragon. The following 'security problem' music is truly impressive.

Why do you keep calling the RCP association ironic? Because you can't bear to associate it with HP yourself?

Um, what? Before they destroy the cup, another horn statement of Hedwig's Theme is heard, and the music that is cut off is NOT tracked from The Kiss, it's a higher-pitched ending of Ron's Speech.

Neville Runs is the music when he runs (believe it or not). Battlefield is indeed different in the film.

The Hedwig's Theme reference in Battlefield is at 1:50 and can be heard in the film all right.

For some weird reason, Broomsticks and Fire always reminds me of playing old videogames. I just don't know why, it's the chord progression I think.

Triage does not contain Lily's theme, it contains the children's theme.

It's indeed a shame that Harry's Sacrifice was dialed out, but the station scene doesn't have any string effects.

The beginning of Neville The Hero is indeed generic, but it works!

The endof Showdown is particularly ingenious because not only does it have the defence theme, it also has the Battlefield theme playing over it, and that same theme is hinted at as early as in Polyjuice Potion, when the potion begins to work.

I don't hear Lily's theme in that final wand duel at all.

The middle section of Leaving Hogwarts is just tracked from HP2, Harry And Dumbledore. Reunion of Friends is indeed the best finale, but the end credits do NOT have Hary's Wondrous World but Hedwig's Theme! And yes, the missing concert arrangements are indeed a pity, plus the fact that Doyle was never referenced in the score.

Having said all this, I think you should revisit all your Harry Potter reviews and make them a little more cohesive. You use an out-of-date bootleg to review HP1, you only seem to have listened to the Azkaban soundtrack and in a lot of your reviews you start off by giving the prior scores more praise than you did in their original reviews. Also, you have the opportunity to listen to 99% of recorded music from all the films without any sound effects (excluding Azkaban, sadly) so please use that opportunity!

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