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Comments about the soundtrack for Die Another Day (David Arnold)
Great Minds Think Alike


  Responses to this Comment:
Great Minds Think Alike   Thursday, November 14, 2002 (10:17 a.m.) 

I posted a similar review on a message board at another site. Seems as though we both had the same opinions. Enjoy.

I bought the CD to the latest Bond adventure. Firstly, I am a HUGE Bond fan. Secondly, I am a HUGE Bond music fan. And thirdly, I am a HUGE David Arnold fan. least I was a HUGE David Arnold fan until this excuse for a soundtrack came out.

To me, this soundtrack is simply drivel. Right, Arnold has created (another) loud and frenetic Bond score. But where is the inspiration? Where is the emotional glue that holds it all together? The score sounds like an afterthought, where Arnold's only intention is to track the action with pulsating, relentless synth beats. Because after all, that's what everyone took notice to in his first two offerings (TND and TWINE), I guess. There is really no thematic material of which to speak. Has he lost all his creativity? It's just one long high tempo mix, with slight changes in tempo interspersed, or a trumpet flare coming out of nowhere to spice up the variety. (Arnold has to earn his pay somehow, I guess.)

The worst part about it is that there seems to be so much potential that just wasn't tapped. It seems like if Arnold had just spent that little extra time to develop a motif of some sort and embed itself within an action cue, it could have saved it. The first 15 seconds of Madonna's song is so exciting - unfortunately it just goes down hill from that point. Still, the violin work within the opening number is quite impressive. (Why didn't that serve as the melody? Why not develop that into a theme within the rest of the soundtrack?) He also seems to be stealing directly from TND and TWINE for filler trumpet flares, underlying rhythms, etcetera, throughout when taking a breather in the action.

For those with the CD, take a listen to these missed opportunities:

Track 1 (0:00-0:15): Die Another Day
Oooooooo….a suspenseful score (and song)!!!!! The intrigue!!!! The danger!!!!…..huh?……nope just a slapped on intro to a Madonna dance mix….

Track 14 (8:37-8:59): Antonov
My goodness! Right out in the middle of nowhere! Could it be the theme I've been waiting for? Nope, just a tease phrase - never to be replicated in any form. That could have worked as a true Bond theme! These 20 seconds comprise the single greatest phrase on the whole CD. It is just sad……

John Barry Rip Off #1 (I would have called it an "homage" if I felt Arnold's work for this movie actually exhibited any care to it):
Track 14 (7:32-7:46)
Hmm…what's this? The 007 theme finally making an appearance after all these years? Oops…should have known better.

John Barry Rip Off #2 (Again….I wish I could have called it an homage….)
Track 15 (0:00-1:01): Going Down Together
It's the conclusion of You Only Live Twice all over again! Nope, just flatter and duller to keep from being criticized for plagiarism. The funny thing….this very brief love theme at the end of the film - never heard from again - is not too bad considering the lack of creativity in the rest of the soundtrack.

If you're a Bond nut like me, I guess it's worth getting - if for simply adding to your growing collection. Otherwise,let this one die.


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  In Response to:
Re: these scenarios are "winks and nods" as brosnan puts it   Monday, November 18, 2002 (6:54 a.m.) 

i agree theres a lot of recyled things in this one. then again theres alot recycled in the entire movie (or the clips ive seen) the opening sene seems to be morphing aspects of tomorrow never dies pre credits with goldeneyes tank chase. the q scene itself is one big "homage" this guy zao is with seems to be a bigger newer oddjob. and the score itself seems to be doing these nods and winks to other bond films. from russia with love, tomorrow never dies and the world is not enough


im only commenting on 30 second clips and trailers here lol, on december 12 when it hits aussie shores ill let you know my tru opinion

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