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Comments about the soundtrack for Enemy at the Gates (James Horner)

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Re: Addition Notes!!!
• Posted by: Oggy   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Sunday, January 15, 2006, at 11:33 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Addition Notes!!! (Amuro)

> Now listen, I'm sick and tired of hearing people bash Horner for his reuse
> of themes all over the place. He does it... okay... fair enough. But how
> often does he really do it? Okay, we have the obvious repetition of theme
> from "Apollo 13" to "Titanic" and from
> "Braveheart" to "Casper", "Star Trek II" to
> "The Rocketeer" but seriously, who really cares? It doesn't
> bother me any, and if you listen, amidst these "self-rip-offs"
> Horner employs enough NEW material to keep you intrested! Have you heard
> "The Four Feathers" sure Kahn's vocals are a little harsh the
> first time around... or you know, every time around, but after a while
> they start to mean something to you, and you can start to love them. Plus
> listen to the gorgeous orchestra preformance of the theme in the last
> track, its incredible! Please, point out a "self-rip-off" in
> there. Or even more current, look at "The Missing" a new score
> from 2003, that is an incredible score! The Native American chants are
> amazing, and you can't say that they are stolen straight from
> "Thunderheart" because they are significantly darker. In fact I
> can only find one thing in that entire score that is even a little
> re-used. The opening track a flute plays part of the
> "Braveheart" theme and then stops after like the 5th note. Okay,
> so this score dissapointed you... okay... that doesn't mean that Horner is
> incapable of creating new beautiful music... hell, i'll give a few cues to
> listen to for "ORIGINAL" stuff...

> A Beautiful Mind
1. A Kaleidescope of Mathematics
4. Creating
> Governing Dynamics
The Four Feathers
1. The Makings of a fine
> soldier
5. To Abou Clea
13. A Coward No Longer
Beyond Borders
The Missing
Basically the whole thing...

> Yeah, I'll admit, "Radio" was a little dissapointing and the
> whole brass whole note at the end of a phrase thing, was good in "The
> Rocketeer" but its starting to get old too. But that doesn't mean
> he's stopped completely. Horner is still a talented composer and he is
> certainly able to produce new, fresh, ideas that will knock your socks
> off!

Are you SERIOUSLY speaking!!!
U call "A Kaleidescope of Mathematics" original
Thats the farthest song from 'original'
Go listen to the first tracks of Bicentenial Man
Its a freakin carbon copy of it!!
So is "Creating Governing Dynamics"

The Missing also ... Its basicaly Legends of the Fall 2
Not only he uses his own recycled material ... NO .. he takes a WHOLE page from Hans Zimmer's Beyond Rangoon... A whole page!!! Seriously unbeleivable

> Amuro

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