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Comments about the soundtrack for Ghosts of Mars (John Carpenter)

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Re: Life is all about prejudices.
• Posted by: HZF   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Saturday, November 15, 2003, at 7:13 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Life is all about prejudices. (Matthias N.)

> Ok, just one simple arugument you have(!!) to understand: Orchestral Music
> can just express everything, rock music's abilities of expression are VERY
> limited!

And I would answer you that film music (not only "Orchestral Music", as you said it yourself) can indeed express everything, and rock music is one possibility to express that.

> Therfore: YES, classical music if ALWAYS a good choice. If you
> tell me, I'm not an expert in rock, i can also tell you, you're no expert
> in filmmusic, what would explain, why you denie that orchestral music is
> just better for filmmusic.

True, I am no expert with regard to film music. But so are you, obviously. Because, the instance of "Ghosts of Mars" left aside, to think that film music is always better when orchestral is quite a blatant proof of your ignorance and close-mindedness about the world of film music in general. I noticed over the years that "real" film music lovers (I mean, the ones who think they are hyper intelligent or have refined tastes just because they listen to composers from the Silver Age and Golden Age or whatever) tend to idolize nothing but "orchestral film music", then skipping or despising the richness of all other existing types of music. When are those people going to realize that your musical tastes have absolutely nothing to do with knowledge ??? BIG SARCASM : "Ooh, I listen to Eminem's music, so I must be a foolish jerk after all". However, owning more than 400 original scores (and those include tons of orchestral music ranging from Goldsmith to Steiner, just for you to know) at home, I can therefore be in a position to judge whether a soundtrack is good or not, no matter the instruments used. If it is good, I will listen to it. I bet you see my point.

> And "Ghosts of Mars" is no exception.
> But anyway. Put away the fact, that it's rock: This score then still lacks
> complexity, structure or anthing of a concept. You can use rock music very
> clever (Goldenthal does so, Goldsmith did so, too), even without anything
> like an orchestra or classical instruments. But Carpenter here does not
> even show a glimpse of cleverness. This music does not fit any objecvctive
> criteria, that allows a rating over 1 star, no matter which style it is.
> You should start to accept, that a rating for a filmmusic CD is no
> subjective opinion, but also has to follow existing objective rules. Non
> of these criteria says: "it has to be classical or orchestral".
> But then still all of these criteria aren't fitted by "Ghosts of
> Mars". And as i really try to be objective, please do not again take
> out the club of prejudices. That kills every discussion before it has
> really begun. Generally those people who fear discussions or try to avoid
> them take use of it.

Your opinion on "Ghosts of Mars" soundtrack remains your opinion, so please do not be acting like it is "universally" true, and accept the fact that someone considers it "real" and good film music. Composers (may it be Goldsmith or Goldenthal...) sound like crap whenever they want to compose rock music, because they do not know anything about this genre, whereas it is not the case of Anthrax, a group that has been dealing with rock music for years. Of course, I do know that a rating is always a subjective matter, the ones who say the contrary simply lie to you, as it is impossible not to have your preferences. By the way, let me remind you there has never been a beginning of a possible discussion with you, either. I will even take those two examples of comments of yours to make it clearer :

1) "This review could make a nice April Fool, but we have October right now. So this is serious. A poor score, consisting of uninspired, poor, moldy electronic sounds gets four(!?!?!?!?) stars while Goldsmiths "Final Conflict" gets one ????. I don't believe it. Am I dreamin'?"

2) "If you want a good 'martian' score with a lot of clever synthesizer phrases and rythmical comlexity check out Goldsmith's "Total Recall". Compared with that "Ghosts of Mars" is just flat, uninspired rock standard and has less to do with filmmusic."


Anyway, to each his/her own opinions, I respect yours.

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