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    Richard Kleiner

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I'm a film score fan ever since I first read John Williams' name on a trivia slide in a movie theater screen, regarding the music from Star Wars. This was during the Special Edition releases.

I have listened to so many different composers and so many film scores, I don't have a favorite one anymore. So many names, so many titles.

I'm a Star Wars, Disney and a little bit of a comic book and videogame fan (a total geek), and I'm also an aspiring film director and would have loved to be a film score composer if only I had learned music professionally.

I'm 24 years old, and I'm interested in meeting other film score fans like myself, and trade opinions and maybe soundtrack recomendations.

I agree with Mr. Clemmensen 9 out of 10 times. Sometimes he has made harsh reviews about scores I appreciate. One that comes to mind is "Hercules". I'm sorry, I'm a big Alan Menken fan, and while this is not the greatest, I enojoyed both songs and score a whole lot (except for the Hydra Battle).

Now, the goodies:

I usually rate stars on a cue by cue basis, so great scores can have weak tracks.

Either way, here's the system:

* - Reserved for atmospheric cues, plain useless noise or incredibly intolerable "music". Examples: Face Like a Frog theme by Danny Elfman, An Ugly Face by Eric Serra
** - Boring, awkward or underwhelming. Examples: Tia Dalma by Hans Zimmer, Holcane Attack by James Horner
*** - Nothing special. Not bad, but certainly not memorable. Examples: The Battle by Harry Gregson-Williams, A Hero Comes Home (End Credits song) by Alan Silvestri
**** - Good, but can be easily skipped. Examples: Hope Fails, by Howard Shore, Nothing Sinister by David Arnold
***** - Memorable, great, highlight... A lot of tracks have this rating, ironically.

Favorite underrated composers:
* Kevin Riepl
* Christopher Lennertz
* Christopher Young
* David Newman
* Bruce Broughton
* Robert Folk
* Joel McNeely

Favorite John Williams scores:
* Star Wars (duh!)
* Hook
* Jurassic Park
* Home Alone
* Indiana Jones
* Superman
* E.T.
* Artificial Intelligence
* The Adventures of Tintin

Favorite Jerry Goldsmith scores:
* Mulan
* Total Recall
* Lionheart
* Rambo: First Blood Part II
* The Wind and the Lion
* Gremlins and Gremlins 2
* Small Soldiers
* Leviathan

Favorite Alan Silvestri scores:
* Back to the Future (duh! again)
* Van Helsing
* The Mummy Returns
* Judge Dredd
* Predator and Predator 2
* Beowulf
* Contact (Even more than Forrest Gump)
* Captain America: The First Avenger

Favorite James Newton Howard scores:
* Alive
* King Kong
* Atlantis: The Lost Empire
* Signs
* The Last Airbender

Favorite Hans Zimmer scores:
* Crimson Tide
* Backdraft
* The Lion King
* Gladiator
* The Last Samurai
* King Arthur
* Angels & Demons

Favorite Danny Elfman scores:
* Batman and Batman Returns
* Edward Scissorhands
* Beetlejuice
* The Nightmare Before Christmas
* Spider Man

Favorite John Debney scores:
* Cutthroat Island (it is awesome!)
* The Passion of the Christ
* The Scorpion King
* Lair
* Hocus Pocus
* Zathura

Favorite James Horner scores:
* Willow
* Krull
* Legends of the Fall
* The Rocketeer
* Apollo 13
* Jumanji

Favorite Michael Giacchino scores:
* The Incredibles
* The Medal of Honor series
* Lost (I just have Season 1 and The Last Episodes right now)
* Roar! (Cloverfield)
* Up
* John Carter

Favorite Patrick Doyle scores:
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
* Rise of the Planet of the Apes
* Thor
* Frankenstein
* Henry V

Favorite Biblical scores:
* Ben-Hur
* King of Kings
* The Ten Commandments
* The Passion of the Christ (yeah, I know I already said that one)
* The Nativity Story
* Jesus of Nazareth

Albums I listened to after reading Christian's reviews:
* The Usual Suspects
* Arsčne Lupin
* Lesbian Vampire Killers
* The Promise (just two tracks, but they were awesome)
* Angels & Demons
* The Nativity Story
* Judge Dredd

My Personal Top 20 of the Greatest Scores EVAR! (Only one composer per entry)
20. The Secret Garden (Zbigniew Preisner)
19. The Last Airbender (James Newton Howard)
18. Independence Day (David Arnold)
17. Spartacus (Alex North)
16. The Godfather Part II (Nino Rota)
15. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Patrick Doyle)
14. Gone with the Wind (Max Steiner)
13. Beauty and the Beast (Alan Menken)
12. Ben-Hur (Miklos Rózsa)
11. Willow (James Horner)
10. Total Recall (Jerry Goldsmith)
9. Crimson Tide (Hans Zimmer)
8. Edward Scissorhands (Danny Elfman)
7. Cutthroat Island (John Debney)
6. Vertigo (Bernard Herrmann)
5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone)
4. Conan the Barbarian (Basil Poledouris)
3. Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri)
2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Howard Shore)
1. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (John Williams)

Lampara de Sonido.Like Filmtracks, BUT IN SPANISH!

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