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Comments about the soundtrack for Home Alone (John Williams)

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Difference Plagiarism and Influence
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• Posted by: S.Venkatnarayanan   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Monday, April 7, 2008, at 8:29 p.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: all music is technically "stolen" (SteveS012)

> There are only so many notes, and so many combinations and chords....
> You could probably trace everything back and say it's derived from
> something else.... even Strauss.

> The point is, when you hear a John Williams score, you KNOW it is John
> Williams, he has a magic style that touches emotions and goes straight to
> your heart like NO ONE else can.
> When you hear music from him, you automatically know it's a John Williams
> score because it does this.

> Sure you could try to break it down to certain chord and melody
> progressions or whatever, but all music is math.... John Williams makes it
> something way more, more than any other composer in the history of
> mankind, in my opinion.

> Obviously the world agrees with me. Check the top films of all
> time....despite having entirely different directors and crews and such,
> the one thing they have in common is John Williams. From E.T., to Star
> Wars, to Jaws, to Home Alone, to Harry Potter, etc., etc.

Yes, I agree with you and well said too. It is quite clear that there is difference between plagiarism and influence. You can be influenced and inspired by other composition but plagiarism is not acceptable. Here, someone said Williams stolen from Victor Strauss'3rd Movement of Vienna from 1886 for "Home Alone" soundtrack, I totally disagree with that gentleman because it is not stolen, instead it was influenced by Strauss. Influence and inspire are part of composing music not only that even creating 'Art'.

From history of music, i would like to mention here about classical composers like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart are still well known composers in music world and they are considered to be 'Western Trinity' in western classical. You should know one thing that Bach was actually inspired by Antonio Vivaldi works. If you listen any of Bach's works, you will definitely notice it just sound like Vivaldi's work and to say the least even Beethoven was slightly inspired by Mozart. In this case, has anyone here to come forward and call these great composers as thieves? No, not at all. I am not comparing John Williams with these great composers, but my point is 70% of Originality and 30% of influence or inspire, this what music is all about,especially composing music this is quite common.

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