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Alternative review at   Saturday, March 10, 2012 (5:36 a.m.) 

My own brief capsule review of this title:

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Re: Alternative review at   Saturday, March 10, 2012 (8:57 a.m.) 

For once I agree with Clemmensen more than I agree with you!

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Re: Alternative review at   Wednesday, January 9, 2013 (6:16 a.m.) 
• Now Playing: Journey (Austin Wintory)  

Well... I feel much better now.
I don't waste my time or money on these types (rubbish! ) of films anymore,
simply because I have little enough of both, and I'm not 12 years old.
However- I still love a swashbuckling good time when it comes to music, so I picked this up based on all the 5-star reviews.
I must say, James, that your review has won me over.
I always use reviews by Christian Clemmensen and Erik Woods to make my purchases of soundtracks from films I haven't seen- and they each have their own sensibilities and genre favorites, but by and large I understand where they're coming from. Just not this time. The only time I really "connected" with this score (after several listens) was after a large dram of Scotch and judicious abuse of the volume dial on my hi-fi! It really is a pleasure in that setting, and thinking of the type of film it was written for, it is a serious over-achievement on the composer's part.
What I'm trying to say is, as I get older, I don't have the urge to "crank it up with reckless abandon" as often as I used to. In a more sedate setting, this score loses its charms; and CC even warned of that when saying "you have to turn your brain off".

The point of this horrifically long post?
Just to say that "Movie-Wave" is now in my "bookmarks", as you've proven to be a valuable counter-point, and I'll visit your site often (But Fimtracks will always be my home ).
I also went "wordy" (instead of just a quick note) to let anyone reading this know that you have valid and intelligent counterpoints to offer in your reviews.
For example: my perfect review for this score would've been to read yours and C.C.'s side-by-side.

Sorry I've overlooked your reviews for so long.
Have a great day!

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