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Comments about the soundtrack for King Arthur (Hans Zimmer)
Alexander sounds great but......

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Alexander sounds great but......   Thursday, August 12, 2004 (2:26 a.m.) 

Hey all! The clip of music from Alexander sounds fantastic! I love vangelis' music but i do have one gripe with it. I've never enjoyed Vangelis' music in any of the films he has done. I just think he's sound, not style is lacking depth and he's themes are always a little too 'theres light always at the end of the tunnel'and his synths sound a little to poxy for a film. A bit to smiley if i can try and put it into words. I own all of Vangelis' stuff but yer i only enjoy his music by itself. The theme for Alexander sounds good, but isn't dark or heavy enough for a guy like Alexander who was such a strong leader. However i will be buying the soundtrack as soon as it comes out but i already know i will not enjoy it in the movie. I'm also really annoyed at the crap Zimmer cops from the non-zimmer fans out there. I have friends who love Zimmer and some that don't but i've noticed that the people that don't like Zimmer's music are not as opened minded when it comes to the world of music! The people who i know that like Zimmer listen to all composers and styles of music from around the world. Rock, pop, jazz, heavy metal, rap, aswell as have a huge interest in world instruments. They also love there movies like theres no tomorrow. The people i know that don't like Zimmer don't listen to a hell of a lot of music styles and they love there classical music. They also aren't into all genres of movies like Tony Scott films etc. The Zimmer fans out there don't bag Horner for being the most boring composer on the planet. Zimmer fans are like Zimmer himself.... willing to take riskes and try new things. Could Horner, Williams, Shore produce a Gladiator, Crimson Tide, Power of One, Beyond Rangoon, King Arthur? NO!!! Could Zimmer do a Harry Potter...YES! Lord of the Rings...HELL YEAH! Zimmer's would be better even though i really like the scores for the lord of the rings. Why are there people knocking the King Arthur score? As soon as 'Road To Ruin' starts you know you are in for an exhilerating listen. Within just the first 4mins you have 4 great, strong emotional themes and then pounding, exciting action music which no other composers out there could produce! The great thing about Zimmer's music is that every bit of music heard is a theme. There is no music without a theme. Thats the advantage of not being a classical artist or classically trained. I love Williams and i like a bit of Sylvestri but there scores lack the strength of Zimmer when it comes to doing a big movie. Tomb Raider by Sylvestri got as much praise as Arthur...How i don't know. Sylvestri's score for tomb raider only has 3 themes....boring at that! Lets not knock Zimmer for being one of the best and you guys that like Horner, Williams etc need to stop bagging and start listening and just open up. If you still don't like Zimmers stuff just be happy you have the styles you like and others have theres. The beauty of music is that there is so much! Why limit yourself to only enjoying a few styles. Get out of the classical film composing realm and enter the world of THEME and not just notes getting hit all over the place. Hope there are some great scores to come for the rest of the year. Take it easy all and respect each others views...don't bag em!!! Oh and the reason why a lot of people like Zimmer is that he's not afraid to use percussion in an exciting way instead of being just in the background.... :P peace out all!

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