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Comments about the soundtrack for Star Wars: The Last Jedi (John Williams)

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Re: Christian, I'm disappointed in you
• Posted by: Sylvie   <Send E-Mail>
• Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018, at 7:59 a.m.
• IP Address:
• In Response to: Re: Christian, I'm disappointed in you (Achilles)
• Now Playing: Star Wars - The Force awakens soundtrack

> ‘Last Jedi’ is an incompetently made movie that disrespects the Star Wars
> mythology, and mocks the fanbase. It is ‘undefendable’ (just like the
> bizarre line Luke says at one point ‘ I came to the most ‘Unfindable’
> place in the Galaxy’. “Great” writing by the way.

> 1. Luke’s character treatment is a travesty that disappoints and
> disrespects all fans that held this hero so dear to their hearts. He is
> written, literally, as some grumpy old coward, suffering from Alzheimer’s
> disease, who dies from a heart attack, all alone on a rock. Anyone who
> finds this Ark satisfying surely is sick or disturbed.

> 2. While ruining Luke, at the same time the film fails spectacularly in
> developing the new characters and making them interesting.
> - Ray is just a ‘nobody’ that is perfect at everything, learning nothing
> from nobody. Making her a ‘nobody’ is a nobble choice, but after this
> revelation no one understands why she is involved in this story, and why
> she is so flawless and strong.
> - Kylo is just angry at everybody for no solid reason and has no apparent
> motives; he is cyclothymic, going from bad to confused and undecided back
> and forth, while not truly threatening.
> - Snoke. Well the writers were too lazy to explain anything about him, so
> he is killed off in the most silly and outlandish way possible, with his
> tongue sticking out.
> - General Hux is now just a buffoon straight from a parody movie.
> - Fin is now the typical ‘comic relief black guy’ with a terrible
> storyline alongside..
> - ...Rose, probably the most annoying and irrational character in Star
> Wars mythology.
> - Poe is now a hothead misogynist (Poe’s line: ‘This is THE admiral Holdo?
> Not what I expected’) who has to learn to blindly obey commands.
> - Holdo is deliberately presented as a bitch who withholds information
> (only to trick the audience), and she is supposedly redeemed in the end by
> sacrificing herself, but there is no emotional impact and nobody cares
> about her.
> - DJ... Who is DJ really? Well, just some guy who happened to be in a
> prison cell. Oh and he stutters.
> - Captain Phasma, is there just to sell action figures.

> 3. The main plot point is so bad (even for a fantasy movie) that makes the
> main story absurd. ‘The remaining resistance ship, can’t make a light
> speed jump, and is running out of fuel (wtf? When was fuel ever an issue
> in Star Wars). But it can keep a distance for hours and hours, and for
> some unknown reason the First Order are not able to shoot them or catch up
> with them’.

> 4. Star Wars mythology is ridiculed and ruined: Force is now just like a
> super-hero attribute, and basically anyone can have it and do anything
> with it, survive in space, fly, make long distant skype-calls, project
> themselves across the galaxy etc. Ships now apparently can be used as
> weapons, crashing them with light speed onto other ships – completely
> ruining everything we knew about space-battle tactics in Star Wars so far.

> 5. The humor is tremendously distasteful and misused, and usually follows
> all dramatic moments, ridiculing all of them. ‘Momma Joke’... What is
> next? Fart jokes?

> 6. Besides all the dreadful problems of the above, the main issue is that
> basically for some unknown reason, Rian Johnson set out to viciously
> attack and subvert EVERY SINGLE obvious expectation of fans, to such an
> extent that he actually managed to make a mockery of them. Most of the
> subversions are not done in a clever way, but rather in the expense of a
> rational script. The outrage is a normal reaction by any fan that was
> mocked at, and it is to be expected.

I simply love it when someone takes it upon himself to decide what a movie should have been, what expectations should have been met, and how when they have not been the movie then is a "travesty". Shades of "Disney ruined Star Wars/my childhood"... Maybe you should write your resume and send it to Lucasfilm, offering your services as screenwriter/director, just to show them how it should be done, since you seem to understand both the story and how to tell it better than them ! Shades of 1999, when just about everyone presumed to tell Lucas how he should have told the story he had imagined...
Here we have an amazingly intelligent movie, that turned tables on everyone, me included, and guess what, I, lifelong Star Wars Fan (I am old enough to have fallen in love with the first movie when I saw it in 1977), I, a mature 55 year old civil servant, who has never stopped loving passionately Star Wars, who despaired in 1983 after Return of the Jedi marked what was at the time the end of Star Wars movies, who rejoiced in 1999 when an admittedly uneven Phantom menace opened, who thought again in 2005, after the amazing Revenge of the Sith, that that was truly it this time, no more Star Wars, I applauded wholeheartedly in 2015 when the Force awakened and I am now completely in awe of what a great job Rian Johnson did with his masterful The last Jedi. It is, in my opinion, one of the best movies of the Saga. I'd say the best with Empire strikes back.
Because it is both faithful to the spirit of the Saga and new in its approach. Yes, some things could have been handled differently, most notably Leia's "flying scene", which although perfectly logical is visually not the most satisfactory, while being, in my opinion anyway, heart-breakingly prophetic...
But that is only my opinion and my point of view. And as you know, it is all a question of point of view...
As for the music of The last Jedi, I really love it. It flows very naturally, embedding old themes with new themes, and it has one of the most powerful cues in the Saga, the magnificent "The spark", which follows Luke's walk towards his destiny. If I have one regret, it's that the extraordinary cue used in the final trailer, which uses that particular theme, was not included on the album. It was so mindblowingly beautiful, it deserved a spot with the rest of the score.

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